Automatically Tweet Blog Posts

How to automacally tweet wordpress blog posts without using any plugins, and free.

This online tool is very handy. Once you registered yourself and add your blog RSS feed address in your account, your blog posts will be tweeted automatically using your twitter account.

Less work if you have multiple blog or works in real life. How does it work? Example, you write a new post or article in your blog, and this will be pulled out to your twitter account and tweeted via Google feedburner.

Before doing this, burn your feed using feedburner. Not yet done? see how to burn wordpress rss with feedburner.

End Result:


1. Login to feedburner, you will see your feeds title.

2.Click on the feed title.

3. You will then see this image. Click “Publicize” button on the top.

4. In the left sidebar, look for “Socialize” button. Click on that link. It will then redirect to your twitter account, click “Allow” if you want to connect feedburner to twitter.

5.Edit some settings if you like, i just left them as default settings.

6. Don’t forget to click “Activate” button in the left bottom corner.

From now on, when your blog has updates or new posts, they will be tweeted automatically in your twitter account. Happy tweeting!

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    • says

      Great you’re using it too Kharim.

      It is a new feature of Feedburner that is handy for us blogger.

      Thank you for coming by, and leaving a comment :)

  1. says

    Hi Kimi,
    I always enjoy your great information and you have helped me a lot. I have one problem where I used a program to automatically upload a lot of old posts and they all ended up as pages(over 80) instead of posts. Do you know of a way to convert the pages back to posts? Thanks.

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    It is really easy to follow the steps you’ve shown. Immense useful.

    At the same time, I wish to add an alert. There are some handful methods and services through which you can tweet your new post. WordPress Plugin, Feedburner, Hootsuit and a few others.

    I did that mistake and wish to remind you all to avoid it. If you go on adding your RSS feed to submit to Facebook, Twitter and the like, you will find the same post tweeted multiple times – which is somewhat spammy.

    So, before you strat, make a plan about how you will promote your posts. This will help you a lot later. I need to find some time to disable many of the service which are simultaneously tweeting my posts.

    A good suggestion, as I feel (please add more if you know) can be to submit the post to stumbleUpon and tweet and share the StumbleUpon link. This will work in two direction. On one hand it will dramatically improve the SU views on the other the post is opened on the browser with a small SU bar at the top. I guess this must be effective. I’ve not implemented it yet, but trying to mould my promotion strategy that way.

    Will talk more on this in a post in coming days.

    Thanks Kimi for detailed, well illustrated post.

    • says

      Hey Suresh!

      Somehow your comment ended in spam folder :( but i am glad that i always check the coming comments. Can’t wait to see the coming post of yours.

      This feedburner features that connects to Twitter posts only once, and i agree with you, i hate spammy tweets as well.

      I only use feedburner twitter automatic posting, so i would not worry about multiple tweets. If you use many services then you may check again as you said.

      Thanks for coming today!

  3. says

    Hi Kimi,

    Great share, presently I am using the same method to tweet my post to twitter. I hate plugins to the work for me.

    Thanks for the share.

    • says

      Same here Imran.

      Just like in my blog, i don’t use much plugins as well. Thank you for coming and leaving a comment.

      Best regards,

  4. Usi says

    Hi, Kimi I’ve a question that will this tool retweet older posts as well?
    and I like your all post, because it is although a great share.

    thanks a lot.

  5. says

    Initially I used to use 3rd party apps but since Feedburner released this option, I started using default feature and found it very useful.. Thanks for this post, I’m sure all newbie would love it…

    • says

      Yes, I am using it too.

      Actually I have just answered someone who asks the same question about auto tweet in a forum with this method this morning.