“Back to Top” Button WordPress

How to create “Back to the top” button in the footer of wordpress blog or your website.

In today video tutorial we are going to create a simple back to top button which is usually labelled “back to the top” button and whenever we hit this button, our page returns to the top of the page.

I have this button in my footer to make my navigation easier. I have seen it in alot of blogs I have visited, I have found this “back to top” button is very useful especially if you have long post. and i thought how do i make this, and i tried and it was done easily, so i share it with you guys :D

My back to top button.

Basically it will work to any html websites or even word document. Here is the code:

<a href="#header"> Top &uarr;</a>
Replace #header with your div id.

UPDATE, you can put rel=”nofollow” attribute, as I do it with this blog.

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