Backlinks Checker – How much backlinks do I have?

Backlinks checker – Have you done effective backlinking?

At the first months I started blogging, and knew people seem to care about Pagerank (related: Google PR update 2011), plus, I had a very few of Search Engine Optimizations, I listened to their complaints.

They mostly complained that their backlinks are not indexed or counted by Google.

As someone new to blogging and SEO, I followed how other bloggers or even SEO experts to use backlinks checker to know how much backlinks I have.

There are actually many ways to check your backlinks, and many backlinks checker you can use.

The different between one backlinks checker to another is, how satisfying they are to you, on measuring or counts your backlinks.

Backlinks Checker – Use Google Search

I still remember last year, when the pagerank update, I will immediately go to Google search and counted how many sites actually link to my site or blog.

The result was mostly disappointing, because there were not many listed. Until today, this remained the same, if I use Google search as my backlinks checker tool, I am not satisfied.

Actually, I have just checked it before writing this post, since I now, do not really care about how many sites linking to me. I think I have enough, eventhough, I should not think about it, I should keep build quality backlinks.

How to check your backlinks in Google? You can do it, by typing:




You can change “” accordingly, to your blog URL address.

Notice, that it is different using www or without www. Because Search Engines, like Google counts those address (blog address with or without www) as different sites.

backlinks checker

Google shows backlinks.

This is why, it is very important to stick on one while doing link building. (related: obtain EDU backlinks).

If you use Google search, I am almost 100% sure, that you would ask yourself, “is that all? where are my links when I comment in commentluv sites, forums, etc?”.

I asked that question too. This is because Google search lists those links very slowly, and often less than the actual links amounts.

Backlinks checker – Where can I actually see all of my backlinks?

I always use big G (Google) as my search engine. I do not know how many hundreds times a day I use it to search or look some informations I need, including food recipes!

Or even the telephone number of school where my son go to everyday, I look in Google.

So no doubt that big G is the biggest Search Engines so far, but not to check links.  I don’t really use it as backlinks checker..

Where then? the answer is Yahoo Site Explorer. Actually, in my old post, which is submitting your blog to Yahoo Search engine, in the video, I showed how to use Yahoo site explorer a bit.

And to count the amounts of the sites that have your links, Yahoo Site Explorer will give more list than big G.

This is how I use Yahoo Site Explorer.

1. Visit this backlinks checker page in Yahoo.

2. Enter your site URL address, or any websites address. (this is often used if you want to see your competitor’s links)

3. You will see many amounts of links that a site has. (including your site)

backlinks checker

Yahoo Site Explorer - Backlinks checker

In the result of Yahoo Backlinks checker site, you can even see how many “other sites” that link to your blog. I mean those links are coming from other sites, and not “inside” your site. (such as related post links).

Another alternative is also checking your Google webmaster tools account, and check the sites that linking to you. But it is also slow, but the result will not be too different that Yahoo Site Explorer as backlinks checker.

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