Backup or Save Purchased iPhone Apps or Games

Today, I feel like my iPhone belongs to my son, because he really loves to play some games in my mobile phone, either some free games or purchased ones.

Though I do really hate to buy an iPhone app or games from iTunes store, because first, they cost money, and second, they are really addicting!

After having a few apps and games that were bought from iTunes store, of course one time you wanted to save purchased iPhone apps and games or make backup of these things in to your computer or because we are talking about iOS, we should also talk about iTunes.

Reasons why you should save purchased iPhone Apps and Games

The main and first reason is of course that you can backup and restore it whenever you need.

The second reason is perhaps to keep your iPhone more organized, for instance you bought really a lot of apps and games, and some of the old ones you don’t really need, you probably want to ditch them from your phone, but in many cases you don’t want to 100% remove them.

I have this thought too, you might think to have these old apps and games back to your iPhone.

How to backup and save purchased iPhone apps or games with iPhone 3G

Note: this tutorial uses Windows 7 Operating System.

1. Open iTunes in your computer, and actually you don’t need to connect your iPhone with it. Login into iTunes store with your username and password.

2. Once your iTunes is opened, you will need to look in the left sidebar, scroll down, until you find “Store” and “purchased” link. (see below screenshot).

save purchased iphone apps

"Store" then "Purchased"

3. After you highlight or click the “Purchased” link, you will see “Download previous purchases” on the very bottom right, click that link.

save purchased iphone apps

"Download Previous Purchased" red highlighted.

4. Then, you will see this on iTunes store. Mine is in German, and here, you will see all songs or apps and books that you ever bought in the past.

Next, you can click the “Apps” tab, to save purchased iphone apps. Just for example, in this case, I want to download, and backup the Sims 3 game into my iTunes or computer.

save iphone games

"Apps" tab

You can just click the “download” icon (mine says, “geladen”). In this screenshot, I have already downloaded into my system.

This can go with the tunes or musics you have purchased, I have purchased some songs three years ago, and surely I lost all of them, but I can always download from the iTunes store with the same username and password.


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