Balance At End Of September AdSense 0

Balance At End of September – Surprising

I have recommended many times Google’s Adsense if you are currently having a blog or a website that have decent or enough traffic and want to monetize it.

Not only you can get extra money monthly while you are sleeping, but also at least it can pay your webhosting cost.

And if you are already having adsense in your blog, you will definitely notice this weird notification while checking the payment history. (related: when will adsense pay).

The balance at end of september is showing $0,00, although the payment notification is there.

This notification is the texts which have yellow background saying “You are scheduled to be sent a payment by the 30th of this month. If you’re receiving a standard delivery check, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on your location. If you’re using EFT or secured express delivery, your payment should arrive by the 5th of next month.”

This message is usually there only when you are getting paid by this biggest advertisement network on the web.

It also depends on your payment treshold, but if you already reach it, you will get your money soon.

This month, surely, you will be worried seeing that message, just like myself..

Balance At End Of September Showing 0 – AdSense’s New Interface

So far, I am always saying AdSense is the best income you can get if you own a website or a blog with traffic, because it always pays on time, without delay or anything, basically, “you know” they pay.

However, since the new interface of AdSense will be applied to every users in the middle of November, it seems AdSense is updating a lot of things, including the notification message and stuff.

balance at end of september

showing 0


Balance At End of September – My own Experience

Since I am also seeing the message about Balance At End Of September displaying 0, I was also worried “if” something went wrong, and I don’t receive my payment this month.

Although, I believe I will get this payment, if not this month then next month or someday, because I firmly believe AdSense is 120% reliable on payment. (I am just addicted to get it every month, regularly).

I don’t know if this also happens to you, but while they are sending payment, I also receive an email telling me, that they are sending the payment to my bank.

From my experience this month, one night I receive this email notification, and in the next morning when I went to my bank, I was very surprised that AdSense’s payment was already in.

This month payment is even faster than usual, so that “Balance At End Of September 0” message that you find in your AdSense’s account has to do with the updating interface and the payment will be sent as usual, do not worry.

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