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Best blog host — Your plan to blog.

I have posted about best free wordpress webhost, and the good cheap wordpress webhosting in this blog, however i still want to talk about the best blog host since i have found this blog was down twice this month. (normally it has never happened).

Luckily, the down time was not long, only took about thirty minutes. However it was a waste of time and probably money.

Imagine if my blog was a business website that has high targeted traffic. (see more about how to increase traffic to your blog post).

Before we dig more further about the best blog host talk, you should first ask yourself about your plan to blog.

These plans are identifying these factors:

1. How long will you blog?

2. Are you really serious to blog?

3. How many blogs do you want to run?

4. What is your blog’s content going to be?

Best blog host — Things to consider.

best blog host

I am giving advices based on my mistakes before i built this blog and my experience with my host so far.

Before choosing your host, there must be things to consider. If you plan to run your blog very long time (remember blog needs updates, otherwise the ranking will be dropped) and serious about your blog, i recommend that you should do some more reasearches about the best blog host on the Internet.

Cheap price is good enough if you start a blog, if your blog is a business website, then it would be reasonable to have a really good fast hosting, so you won’t waste time to move your hosts, etc.

Planning about how many blogs do you want to run is also a factor that is worth to question, since you can actually install multiple blogs in one webserver.

For autoblog fans, i am sure you will want to run at least more than 10 blogs, or perhaps more, so you definitely need a good host, otherwise your host will suspend your blogs because of bandwidth stuff if your blog has lots of visitors.

Blog’s contents are also very important if you want to choose a blog host. If you will have videos and images stored in the web server than it is clear that you have enough space.

What are the best blog host?


It’s a cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) that is really reliable and can give you the fastest loading speed.

It is very very expensive (to me) but if you have a business website, especially like e-commerce, then it is very recommended, since very secure, and the support must be great.

Famous blogs use it, like and These two blogs loads very very fast.

2. Media Temple.

One of the recommended webhost from wordpress official sites, and i have known some blogger friends who use MT (Media Temple).

Those two above are the expensive but really great, elite, and the best blog hosts, also have more price :-(

Below, the webhosts that i have experienced so far, they are affordable and good.

3. JustHost, 4$ a month.

4. HostGator, 7.90$ a month.

5. BlueHost.

6. Godaddy.

7. DreamHost.

8. iPage.

The webhosts above support PHP, MySQL to install WordPress. That was my 8 best blog host.

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