Best blog plugins

Best blog plugins — How many plugins you should use.

I am sure if you are a blogger who is starting to set up a blog, you may think what cool plugins you can still ad to your site.

There is nothing wrong with adding plugins but i absolutely recommend choose best blog plugins, use them, and avoid adding unnecessary ones.

I have listed the must have wordpress plugins, security plugins, and how to install them, and today, i want to list all of my best blog plugins that i currently use for this blog.

Best blog plugins, what are they?.

Every one has different niche of blogs, and because of this, our best blog plugins lists can be completely different.

For example, if you have an e-store built in WordPress, you must have a plugin that i don’t need nor use, we have different niches.

So the answer to this question is simple, your best blog plugins are different than mine. However, there are most important plugins that nearly every wordpress owner have.

Best blog plugins, let’s peek mine!

Alright, i actually have saved this best blog plugins post in my dashboard’s draft long time ago, probably almost a year ago!

At that time, i had only 16 best blog plugins listed, and now 19 best blog plugins are active. If you’re my regular reader, you have probably read that i have often wrote, don’t use too much plugins, because they can slow down our blogs and cause errors while updating wordpress, plus, plugins can conflict each other.

Screenshot of my Best blog plugins:

best blog plugins

Here are my best blog plugins list, that you should try if you like to:

1. Akismet.

First in the list of my best blog plugins collections.

Listed on must have wordpress plugin post, including how to find Akismet API key post.

Akismet with GASP, spam bots plugin work really great, i have almost 0 spams. (find more in my get rid of wordpress spam bots comments post)

2. All in One SEO Pack.

SEO tool of my Best blog plugins. Free SEO booster plugin that is very very very useful and a must try.

My video tutorial how i configure All In One SEO pack settings i have posted a few months ago.

I am recently using this one of Best blog plugins and SEOpressor (i also have wrote why this plugin is my best wordpress seo plugin) to boost my ranking in Google.

3. Broken Link Checker.

This plugin checks any links which may be broken, see more about my broken link checker plugin post.

4. cBnet Ping Optimizer. — Alternative: MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer.

Ping optimizer plugin that you HAVE to use, especially if you are a type of a blogger which can edit your post 10000 times like me. Find more here, in how to ping your blog.

5. Fast Secure Contact Form, demo, my contact page. — Alternative: Contact Form 7 of course!.

A form builder to enhance your contact page, captcha is included.

6. FD Feedburner Plugin.

I use it to redirect my default feed address to feedburner feed. See how to burn wordpress feed in feedburner.

7. Google XML Sitemap generator.

My sitemap.xml demo, it is one of important plugins too. Watch video how to create wordpress sitemap.xml and how to submit sitemap.xml to Google.

8. Growmap Anti Spam Bot Plugin.

As i stated earlier, this plugin works great with Akismet to kill all spam bots. It works because it requires our commenters to check a tick box. Of course, spam bots can’t do this one..

More further about this plugin in my get rid of spam bot post.

9. Login Lock Down.

10. Login Logger.

Login lockdown and login logger are two of my important security best blog plugins to secure our blog admin page. See more in my post how to secure wordpress.

11. ReplyMe — Alternative: Subscribe to Comment.

I gave a review about Subscribe to Comment Plugin, and i have used it since this blog first set up too, but i decided to delete it and use ReplyMe plugin instead. Find the reason why here in my ReplyMe plugin review post.

12. Robots Meta — Alternative: Thesis theme.

Now that i remember, i need to disable this plugin since i am currently using Thesis theme. This one enables you to set nofollow blog post, noindex attribute to your post or pages if you need to. But if you use Thesis theme, you have this options already so you don’t need any additional plugins.

13. SEOpressor wordpress SEO booster plugin.

This is a premium plugin, and help me to get in the first page of google. I choose it as my best wordpress seo plugin.

One of my posts is #1 in the Google first page because of this plugin.

best blog plugins

14. Smart Video — Alternative: Viper Video Plugin.

This plugin you don’t need to have if you don’t have videos saved in your server. This blog has because of my niche, wordpress video tutorial, and i saved some video files in my servers.

To add video to wordpress post, you can add them manually without any plugins, reducing plugins usage.

15. W3 Total Cache. — Alternative; WP Super Cache.

One of them help me to speed up this blog, and it’s a worth having. Check out my W3 total cache vs wp super cache review post.

16. WordPress database backup, wp-db-backup.

See more on my wordpress database backup plugin tutorial.

17. Wp_minify

I use this plugin to minify all additonal scripts.

18. WP Robot3.

This i use mostly for my technology posts to pull contents from amazon easily.

This plugin is premium ones so unless you have an autoblog or amazon contents, you don’t need it. If you do need it, use coupon code, GETWPROBOT to get discount.

Demo of an autoblog of mine which uses this plugin: top 10 antivirus website.

19. WP security scan. (furthermore, my wp security scan scanning your security of wordpress files)

Also listed in one of my security best blog plugins, since it helps us to scan our files security in our webserver.

Phew, those are my 19 best blog plugins which i am currently using. All best blog plugins above (except wp robot3and SEO booster), you can install them via dashboard. My post about how to install wordpress plugins will help you to install these Best blog plugins inside your admin page.

Note: There should be more plugins other than my best blog plugins above that you should try, but i do not have them because i add the code manually.

What i added manually:

1. Share wordpress social media floating buttons. (click the link to see my video tutorial).
Plugin: Sharebar plugin.

2. WordPress related posts.
Plugin: Y.A.R.P.P

3. Breadcrumbs.
Plugin: Yoast breadcrumbs.

4.Wordpress popular posts, and random post widgets, both are included in my best wordpress widgets post.

5. 125×125 ads blocks plugin.

6. Adsense widgets.
See this adsense plugin post.

Those best blog plugins or their alternatives are worth to try!

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  1. says

    This is by far the most extensive list of SEO Plugins that I have yet to come across. You even went as far as to thoroughly describe each of their usage while most bloggers just give it a quick mention and move on. That’s definitely the mark of a blogger who knows his plugins.

    I’ll be referencing this post on my main blog.

  2. says

    I use ReplyMe on my philosophy blog, and I really like it, its much better than receiving all comments. It even gives the comment you left in the email, what more could you want!

    Thanks for the list, I am investigating the security ones, as I currently don’t use anything like this on my blog.

    I currently use a lot of those plugins like Y.A.R.P.P, Google XML Sitemap generator etc.

    Very nice article which was very helpful!

    Thanks :)