Best brand LCD monitor 2011

Best brand LCD monitor — we need it.

A few years back, i still remember when i use my old monitor, i got red eyes quickly, and of course it disturbed my work, since i work alot in my pc.

That old monitor was old CRT monitor. And LCD is Liquid crystal display, a developed technology about brightness level, including high resolution display, color, etc. More infos of LCD definition in wikipedia.

When my i got my LCD monitor for christmas two years ago, i really feel the difference of using my best brand LCD monitor and my old one.

Computer at home is somehow also important to me instead of a laptop (see my post about laptop Toshiba portege r705 p41 review).

The first point that really obvious was, my LCD monitor looks more elegant, slim, and very handy, i can move easily because of its weight and easily movable.

I have a small table to work with, so my best brand LCD monitor was a great stuff for me, because it does not have to be in a large working table.

Tips before you buy your best brand LCD monitor.

Although LCD monitors are very well-known and almost every computer users have them, you should also need to choose which one is your best brand lcd monitors depends on your need, budget, and also depends on your video card of your computer.

Surely, buying bigger inches monitor is the best choice to optimise your experience, but if you have smaller table, then it does not make a sense..

The more big the monitor you want to choose, the more expensive they are. Also if your computer does not have the match video card, then you will find a little bit problem with your media files, such as pictures, or videos. Things that important to consider..

1. If you’re like me, who is using your computer and the monitor at home, to blog or surfing the internet, then a not-so expensive best brand lcd monitor should be the one you need.

Most LCD monitors offer more bright and sharp images, text, and a decent monitor that is not going to hurt your eyes.

2. If you work a lot with multimedia files, such as images or videos, then your best brand lcd monitor would be a monitor with a good quality for this task.

High resolutions LCD with larger monitor depends on your budget is good, because this allow you to view your media in more detailed display so, you can optimise your work.

Bottom line, before you choose your best brand LCD monitors, do some Google researches, read customers’s review to help making a decission to purchase your best brand LCD monitor.

Top 5 best brand LCD monitor list.

1. LG W2243T-PF 22-Inch.

Price: around $ 236.

I personally use it and this is my best brand LCD monitor, the price is not expensive and it has really great quality, 5 star rating on Amazon.

2. Samsung P2250 22-Inch Widescreen.

best brand lcd monitor

Price: around $ 168.99.

Second best brand LCD monitor, though the price is a little bit more cheaper than LG.

3. ViewSonic VA2323wm 23-Inch.

Price: around $ 176.99.

4.  AOC 2236Vw 22″ LCD Monitor.
AOC lcd monitor

Price: about $ 145.99

5.  Dell S2209W 22-Inch
dell lcd monitor

Price: about $ 399.99.

Those are my best brand LCD monitor list.

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