Best cache plugin for wordpress blog

At that time, i did not know what best cache plugin for wordpress was.

In my video review about w3 total cache vs wp super cache, i did point some advantage and disadvantage of using a cache plugin.

It is really depending on your blog, to decide which one is the best cache plugin for wordpress blog, this refers to your blog.

When i used the cache plugin, (see post about: wordpress install plugin tutorial)  i did not feel any speed improvement, everything stayed the same..

I stopped using any cache plugins.

Best cache plugin for wordpress, was easy to decide.

After doing comparison of w3 total cache and wp super cache, i realised w3 total cache is the best cache plugin i have used so far.

It improves my blog’s speed extremely, and the nice thing is, i can feel it.

I actually regret why i did not install this best cache plugin for wordpress blogs earlier..

Note: It works best for me, but it does not mean it will work best for you too.

W3 Total Cache, the best cache plugin for wordpress.

best cache plugin for wordpress

Yes, i vote for W3 Total Cache! The user friendly easy install-uninstall process is impressing much, since cache plugins have somehow things to do with htaccess file, which is very sensitive.

One things that a bit bothers, is the notification, which says, ‘one plugin has been deactivated, clear cache”, it shows up everytime we activate plugins after wordpress new plugins installation.

Still, because of this small bug, i use W3 Total Cache as the best cache plugin for wordpress 2010.

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  1. says

    I thought that the WP Super Cache was better. I tried total cache but it slowed down my blog? Maybe I don’t know how to use it properly is the problem…

    • says


      If wp super cache is the best for you, then keep on using it.

      Every blog is different, so is the best plugin also different from one to another.

      Talk to you soon!