Best Free Web Host For WordPress

My experiences on having free web hosting provider which support php and mySQL, including cPanel and fantastico that support wordpress installation.

For some of you who want to have a free webhost provider to build and install a wordpress blog, this tip will probably help.

But I strongly recommend that you go for paid webhost provider as they are more reliable, but i will post my best free webhost cpanel provider which i have used to make some of my tutorials.

I don’t mean to promote them, but i only want to help if you are looking for these free webhost with cpanel and fantastico.

There are a few reasons i would go for paid webhost:

1. Paid webhosts are more reliable.
2. There aren’t too many database errors, or server maintenances, if they do, they will notify us because they want us to be satisfied customers.
3. There would not be “account” suspended issues, unless you don’t pay.
4. Tons of cheap webhosts out there, and they are really worth it if you imagine all of your work to build your blog gets suspended, and all gone.
5. Let’s say you use a best free webhosting and one day you change your mind to change to the paid hosting, you will then have more works, like importing database, etc.

Alright this is the best free webhost i have tried myself, and both have latest version of cPanel:


I have just found this free webhost with complete cpanel and fantastico, also support php and mySQL and you can run wordpress blogs in it. It is so much better than the other website out there, and believe me, i don’t advertise them, because i have no benefits from them at all.

I have tried other free hosting, and they were at first weeks good, and a few months later, always having database error connection stuff. It will be back to normal again a few weeks later, and then down again. But qupis is a more stable free hosting because i have used it for a few months now to build wordpress testblog, and so far, i haven’t had any troubles.

The downside about qupis, is you have to promote them, by having their links. I guess it is not bad as you can add their link to your blogroll, however, nothing is completely free and working almost perfect.


This is the second choice after, in my opinion, it is completely free advertisement, they don’t require any links in your site. Almost similar to qupis, it supports, php, mySQL, cPanel, and Fantastico, so you can install wordpress too.

The downside, it has always “database error connection problems”. As i said above, in the few months at the beginning, x10hosting made me happy, but then, after a few months, it shows me always database error connection.

So i quit using x10hosting and choose qupis.

So these 2 are my best free Cpanel hosting. If you don’t care about having the latest version of cPanel aka older cPanel model, you can try, or, they are also more stable, but they don’t have the latest cPanel.

I listed free webhosting, however i don’t recommend them. Those you can use if you really don’t want to keep your blog long. If you want a reliable hosting, you can check, JustHost (This blog uses it), Hostgator (you can get discount with this HostGator coupon: FROMBLOGWEB6 for trying them only 0.01 cent in the first month, or BlueHost, or Godaddy.

You need reliable webhosting if you plan to blog in a long term, and even to earn cash with it. Imagine, you build links, you reach the first page of Google, and one day your blog is just down or gone because of your webhost. I would not take that risk!.

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  1. says

    Yes, the database connection errors are a sign that you need to change your hosting company. After a month and a half with my previous host, I started getting database connection errors — and not necessarily when I was editing my pages — just randomly, at any hour of the day. Very frustrating ! On top of that, I was paying for the hosting service ! In conclusion, paying is better, but life still finds a way to pull the plug on you :-)

    • says

      @Pham-Pham, exactly, i would also go for paid hosting.

      It could still happen, but very seldom. Thanks for your nice comment.

      • says

        I totally agree! I like Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth, and free Hosts, but there are none. I think.

    • says

      I don’t choose any of them :-P

      Sharing hosting fees really can be paid after you have adsense at least :-D

      Thanks for commenting Amandeep.

  2. Sadek says

    Awesome informative blog post!…

    I love your blog! It was a very nice read.. keep up the good work you are very talented!…

  3. Akshay Kakkar says

    I will use free webhost until i get my adsense account accepted. Though i am going to buy a domain, but will buy a host later.

    My Experience with x10hosting
    I was using this for hosting my blog, just after 15 days without any traffic whole of my blog is deleted, but not suspended. dont know whether they will backup or not.

  4. Akshay Kakkar says

    Had a really bad experience with x10hosting, bought one paid hosting now.