Best Laptops under 600 Reviews and List 2011-2012

Best Laptops under 600 Online or in a local store

When you search for best laptops under 600 bucks, you will need to check the memory or RAM (around 4GB of RAM), the speed of the CPU and the core speed (an i3 processor, minimum).

The list will definitely go on, but I am going to tell you, finding a better laptop under $600 in local store or website is a tough task.

Most computers nowadays are including dual-core CPU, but very expensive, they mostly have 700-2000 price range, especially an Apple Macbook laptop.

best laptops under 600

Toshiba Satellite L755

To compare the best laptops under 600 list, you have to filter what exact features that you must have apart of the RAM and the processor speed.

You will probably need long lasting battery life machine, graphic card, or even hard drive size and HD or non-HD LED screen, etc.

A small example, if you look to buy a laptop for your business, then the graphic card should not worry you, but the battery life is very important, because you will not want to carry the charger in your meeting or in any business computing tasks.

Best Laptops under 600 Reviews and Top List 2011

Here are best laptops under 600 2011 list

1.Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 15.6-Inch LED Laptop (Grey)

This Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 laptop puts your valuable money where it does count on the processor and RAM. It is manufactured by Toshiba, very reliable computer manufacturer for years, and it has a 4GB of RAM with 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-2310M Sandy Bridge newest processor speed.

Included 640GB of hard drive (at 5400RPM), you will have so much space to save your files, and it has a 15.6 HD screen, defnitely a must see, sold at around $479.

2. Toshiba Satellite P755-S5274 15.6-Inch LED Laptop (Platinum)

Still on a Toshiba satellite model, this Toshiba Satellite P755-S5274 is superior to the Toshiba Satellite L755 series above, but more powerful with 6GB of RAM and powerful Intel Core i5-2410M core processor speed with 2.3GHz.

Also comes with 640GB hard drive. (sold at around $599).

3. ASUS A53SV-XE2 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop – Black
This is an ASUS A53SV model comes with 15.6 inch screen and an Intel Core i5-2410M processor with 2.3GHz processor speed. 750GB hard drive and 6GB of RAM features are all checked. (sold at around $599)

4. Lenovo G570 43347PU 15.6-Inch Notebook Computer – Black

Lenovo thinkpad and Lenovo Ideapad series have been very popular products from Lenovo for their ergonomically efficient features. This G570 15.6 inch Lenovo laptop has Intel i3-2330M processor at 2.2GHz, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive. (sold at around $500)

5. HP g7-1150us Notebook PC (Grey)

A 17 inch HP g7-1150us laptop from g7 series which comes with Intel Core i3-370M Processor (at 2.4GHz), 4GB of RAM, and 640GB of hard drive. (sold at around $500)

6. Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 17.3-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

Dell laptops are known as quality and performance reliability laptops. This 17 inch Dell laptop is no exception, includes 2.1Ghz Intel Core i5-2410M processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive. (sold at around $599)

7. Acer AS5750-6636 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mesh Black)

Some people will reconsider an “Acer” laptop, but this laptop is absolutely a great quality machine and it does have warranty. Featuring second generation of Intel Core i3-2310M processor (2.1GHz) with 4GB of RAM, and 320GB of storage space, this laptop is definitely best value for the money. (sold at around $400).

best laptops under 600

Best laptops under 600 Summary

The above list is the best laptops under 600 bucks that have most positive ratings from the users and the most popular laptops when this article is written, and featuring i series processor.

Buying an laptop that costs under 600 does not mean you will get unreliable machine. Be sure you will look at the laptops which are listed in best laptops under 600 bucks above, and compare the price as well as the specs, I am sure you will find a laptop which will be the best value of your money.

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