Best Of “Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites”

Lists of Best Google Adsense revenue sharing sites that will share their incomes with you by writing.

If you love writings and want to earn money you might want to consider Google adsense revenue sharing sites.

But what are adsense revenue sharing sites?

These sites will pay you about 10% until 75% of their income, if you write for them, and people click on Google advertisements that are displayed in your posts or articles.

Sounds easy, but it is not. First of all, you must follow the rules of the sites, and then promoting your articles everywhere, otherwise none will read your articles and you won’t get any cash.

This is the best Google adsense revenue sharing sites that i have tried my self. (any links below do not content any referrals or affiliate links)

1. Squidoo.
To me, this is the best revenue sharing sites i have ever been. First step to join is register, then creating a lense with useful articles. Yes, you should write quality post so you will get lots of followers.

Once you create a squidoo lense, you will be offered to display adsense. And if you are lucky and good on promoting your lense, you can increase your income.

2. Flixya.
If you have good videos which are related to topics you want to write. But not only videos, you can write posts in their websites, or share your images. By joing them and share your contents, you can earn more. Find more in Flixya sharing revenue infos.

3. Hubpages.
It used to be the most popular adsense revenue sites, but based on my experience, you should not put any adsense in the first posts. I said it because they contact me because of this, and then i disable the ads.
However if you post regularly in hubpages, you will be able to get more revenue, because hubpages has tons of members and popular.

4. Xomba.
You will be offered with 50/50 by placing google adsense in your articles from this site. But be careful do not click your own ads, otherwise you will be banned from xomba and from Google adsense itself.  Read their guides here.

Some tips:
-Try to be not so greedy by registering in a tons of revenue sharing sites, because you need to promote the articles as well, so better concentrate in a few best one, write regularly, get more followers and visitors, and you will really earn.

-Especially if you have your own blog, you need to write on it too, so unless you really have lots of time to promote both your blog and your articles on those google adsense revenue sharing sites, choose a few of them and do properly.

-Try putting links to your own blog everytime you create an article, because it helps you to get traffics.

Video how to set up a squidoo lense:

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