Best phone 2011 Top mobile phone list

Best phone 2011 always interesting to discuss.

Talking about cellphones especially this year, best phone 2011, is always exciting.

Since mobile phones were invented (including apple iphone 4G release date), they are known to be the top products that people use, all of age community.

From teens until adult, even one of my son’s friend has a cellphone. sigh!

More and more people are using mobile phones, no wonder they tend to search for some informations about best phone 2011.

When you want to buy a cellphone, i am sure you will be offered by tons of mobile phone brands and its features, and all of them promote their products as the best phone 2011.

How to choose your best phone 2011 top tips.

Because of the ability for you to pick one of those millions mobile phone brands, it is best to consider these things before you buy your best phone 2011.

1.The Price.
Mobile Phone’s prices vary from the affordable until the most expensive ones, all depends on its features.

Choose your mobile phone wisely based on the price. It is not a good idea to buy a phone that you would have to put you in debt because you borrow some money for a mobile phone.

Also remember, that prices of mobile phones are easily falling year by year. If this year it is still expensive for you, wait until next year, it will be more affordable.

2. What features of mobile phones do you really need.
If you need a mobile phone only to call and sending SMS then you would not choose a mobile phone which supports digital camera, because then the price will be more.

3. The form and appearance.
Well to be honest, who does not want to have a cool mobile phone. All of us want one, but the thing is the price.

But be wise on taking a look at the form, and appearance, especially, the display, the buttons.

It reminds me of my mother in law, she can’t read text in a tiny display with tiny fonts.

This factor, who will get this phone that you will buy, is also very important.

4. Battery Live.
Consider looking for phones which has longer battery life, especially the stand by period.

You would not want to recharge a few times a day for your phone.

5. Guarantee.
After you considering all tips above, you might also look the page of the company service about the guarantee, it is very important if your phone is broken all of sudden, which is not caused by you. A mobile phone that can be best phone 2011 gives clear procedure about this matter.

Best phone 2011 – Top 10 mobile phones list.

Below are my favourite and my best phone 2011, that are worth to take a look at.

1. Apple Iphone 4

best phone 2011

2. Apple iPhone 3Gs.

iphone 3g

3. Blackberry Torch

best phone 2011 - blackberry torch

4. HTC desire HD

best iphone 2011-htc desire hd

5. HTC Hero

best phone2011-htc hero

6.Blackberry Curve 8520

best phone 2011-blackberry curve 8520

7. Blackberry Bold 9780

blackberry bold 9780

8. Nokia N8

nokia n8

9. Samsung Galaxy S I9000

samsung galaxy s i9000

10. Google Nexus S

google nexus s

Choose your best phone 2011 wisely!

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