Best wordpress SEO plugin for wordpress 3

Before i have discovered my best wordpress seo plugin.

I have stated that All in One Seo pack plugin is a must have wordpress plugin.

Because it gives you ability what you can type in the title, descriptions and keywords that will appear in Search Engines Result Page.

But there is a few things that All In One Seo pack plugin can’t do for you, it can not check how far your post is optimized for search engines.

Your blog is probably offering great contents or services for people out there, but if people can’t find your sites in Google (see my post about submitting your wordpress to Google), or another search engines, then it is nothing.

I have found a great plugin which i recently use and recommend it to you as the best wordpress seo plugin, compatible with wordpress 3, and updated in 2010, it is SEOpressor wordpress plugin.

What is the best wordpress seo plugin?

It’s called SEOpressor plugin, i wish i had this plugin earlier but it is better later than never, i guess.

SEOpressor helps me alot when i create my post, it also helps me to increase this blog’s ranking in SERPs.(i am sure you find this post in the first or second page of Google? If yes, now you know what the trick is)


I am still using All in One SEO pack plugin, combined with SEOpressor, the result is just excellent. Can’t say more, you must try yourself.

See the video tour:

best wordpress seo plugin

Before i had SEOpressor, it is like writing post with blind eyes, i mean, i don’t know how my posts are really optimized, how is my keywords, and so forth.

As the best wordpress seo plugin, SEOpressor enhance my blog’s SEO.

In this video i will show you how powerful SEOpressor, best wordpress seo plugin;

What does this best wordpress seo plugin actually do?

When you create a post, and you want your post to be discovered by people, you MUST put some keywords and win over other blogs which may have the same keywords as yours. Though it also depends of the backlinks you have, but optimising your blog is a must.

SEOpressor will do following:

1. Detect your keywords replacements, example, if you don’t put your keywords on h1, h2, h3 tags, this plugin will remind you ad notify you.

2. Keyword density, which is too low or too high notifications. You know, having keyword density is sometimes a nightmare to me, because when your keyword density is too high, your post will be considered as spams by Google.

But without SEOpressor, how would we know if our keyword density is too high?

3. Score of your post keywords, which 100% is the best score. With this plugin it is so much easier to make your score higher.

4. Bold, italic and underline keywords.

5. Image SEO optimisation. (don’t forget to optimise your image size first before uploading).

6. Internal linking check.
best wordpress seo plugin

With those important SEO factors of your post, SEOpressor is the best wordpress seo plugin, and it works very well with All in SEO pack plugin.

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