Best WordPress Widgets 2011

My  best wordpress widgets 2010 that almost every bloggers have.

Update: I have post 19 best blog plugins i use that complete these best widgets.

Anyway i will share what my best wordpress wigdets to you that i use for this blog. Basically i just have a few widgets in my sidebar to help my visitors browsing all of my posts easily, and these are my best one.

Note, widgets and plugins in wordpress can be different. Find my must have wordpress plugins that are useful for wordpresss SEO and avoid spams, including how to configure them here.

At the first month i started my blog, i have many widgets as it was really looking cool. But then i decide to delete many of them which were not neccessary to be displayed, because using too much plugins can slow down your site’s performance, and it will affect your site’s reputations in visitor and Search engines’s eyes. Slow site equal to unhappy visitors and less score for your site’s ranking (see Video under this post).

I strongly recommend that you use only important widgets because lots of people have failed upgrade to latest version of wordpress, this i know from support forum, those failed upgrades are mainly caused by many plugins which are not compatible.

Do not confused about wordpress widgets vs wordpress plugins though. WordPress plugins are usually you install and activate and it help to improve your blog’s functionality without showing them to public. But widgets you can show them to your visitors, either in sidebar, or even in footer if you have widgetized footer.

Random Posts widget

So here are my best wordpress widgets:

1. My most popular posts.
Download plugin here.
This widgets is really awesome and useful for me and for my visitors. For me, i can see, how success i did search keywords, that people found these posts via search engines. For my visitors, it helps them to navigate to the posts that mostly viewed.

2. My Random Posts (worth a look).
It displays all of my post randomly in my sidebar, so my visitors can find my posts that might be interesting for them without going to sitemap page.

3. My recent post widgets.
It is coming with wordpress installation by default.
Displaying what i have written recently, so my visitors can see the most updated posts.

4. My Categories.
Also already built-in widgets.
Since i have many categories, i guess it will be really nice if people can choose any categories they want to view. But mostly i write WordPress Tutorial, so this is my most popular category.

5. Category RSS.
This widgets give links to enable my visitors subscribing my blog posts for any interesting or useful Category for them.
Setting up specific category RSS you can find here.

6. Archives.
Another built-in widget
My blog’s age is not that old :) but i thought displaying archives is giving me or my visitors to surf what i have been posted so far.

7. Search widget.
Some theme already have search box in, some don’t. However you can activate this widget if you theme does not provide a search box.
If people may want to find a specific post, this can be used easily.

See more on how to use wordpress 3 widgets here, feel free to give any feedbacks if you have different of views :)

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