BigDump Alternative – When BigDump Failed Importing Large WP Database

BigDump alternative you’ll need to know it

Being a blogger who have many wordpress blogs, which work with databases and some small errors (can be caused by plugins, or others), this somehow taught me a lot of things, including how to backup our database and blog, and then restore them back.

In the restoring process however, I personally experienced some problems, which honestly made me worried if I could restore my site.

This is because I am included in a non-techie blogger who still want to fix or do anything with my blog myself.

Not only I can save some money instead of paying a wordpress freelancer, but I also could learn something, either from the error itself or from my mistake.

One of them is finding, trying and knowing that we have actually a BigDump alternative, if you really need it.

This is how I needed a BigDump alternative

Actually I wanted to write this post quite long time ago, because once I found a fix on something I wanted to write it in my blog, but somehow I always forget.

In my post, copy online blog to computer, I was very thankful that I could restore my database with BidDump. The post was made about a year ago.

About a year ago, surely my blog has a smaller database than today, because I had so little amounts of posts and articles.

But today, it probably has double or triple the size (perhaps more) so I have encountered some problems when I restore my blog.

Yes, I did restore this blogs many times, I guess 3 or 4 times, all of those restoring process went very well, I did not need BigDump.

The problem is I frequently copy my blog in a local wordpress blog to check on some stuff, and when I tried to restore in my localhost, the database restoring process always failed.

It says, the database file is too big to restore. So the first time, I use BigDump to solve this problem, and it did work perfectly. (related: At This Place The Current Query Includes More Than 300 Dump Lines)

However when I tried the third restore, with bigger database, I could not get it to work using BigDump, it was an error message that basically, I can’t get it to work.

So I think immediately if there is a BigDump alternative, without having to edit my database lines.

BigDump Alternative – MySQLDumper

MySQLDumper is so far my best bigdump alternative, although BigDump is so much easier to use, but there is obviously some limitations.

I am the typical person who wants to have everything done without complicated process, so at first I did not take a look at MySQLDumper.

They are indeed very difference both on usage and the interface. MySQLDumper as a really good BigDump alternative has more menus and more “advance” features that you can modify them if you know about them. (I don’t know much about them either).

bigdump alternative
MySQLDumper interface.

The process is really fast and so convenient, although at first I had difficulties how to use it.

In case you also have difficulties how to use it, you can subscribe to my RSS because one day, I really want to demonstrate how I did copy my big database in a localhost.

Should you need a BigDump alternative, try mySQLDumper, you will be happy with the result, but try it offline first!

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