BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Review | BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet with 64GB Memory

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Review – at Glance

I have had my BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB about a few days. I bought this BlackBerry Playbook 64GB at 799,99 here. Its physical tablet is fantastic, it has a perfect size for me, a beautiful screen and an ideal weight. I personally prefer a device which feels really solid in my hands. This playbook fits the bill. It is about the identical size as a 3D generation of Kindle, excellent construction.

Some limitations that I have found thus far is the lack of its apps, As I am writing this review, I don’t find any skype app, netflix, or MLB or even Kindle app. And a few websites redirect me to the mobile version of their sites, and although the GPS is already there, but it is not yet enabled by the firmware, hopefully it will be soon.

blackberry playbook 64gb

Another limitation of this BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB, although it includes 2x high quality cameras, but this playbook does not support videochat softare.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB comes with instruction guide, a micro usb cable, blade charger, a foam nice pouch case and one screen wipe is included.

Blackberry Operating System on this tablet is ridiculously smooth. The desktop will never freeze or even hiccups, eventhough there are lots of going on in the background or even foreground. I really love it, and If this goes on, I will definitely have a hard time to go back to other Operating Systems.I find it has easy desktop navigation. They do have application pages like Android or iOS, but those are categorized by Favorites, Media as well as Games in addition to “All”.

The most important feature of this BB device is, RIM includes Blackberry Bridge. So you will not need to spend extra money for the 3G data plan. The BB Bridge will thether your blackberry (Yes, it only works with BB phones only!), and connect your playbook to Internet via BB phone’s data plan. It works great out of the box, you do not need a cable, because it works perfectly via Bluetooth. If one day RIM enable this bridge for all phones, this device will be tablet killer.

You will love the speedy and smooth multitasking on this BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB. The cool “real time” icons that shows up when you shift a program to the background is my favorite feature.

Furthermore, playing 3D video games will not slow down the system. If you want to shift from the podcast player to the music, the videos will keep playing but its audio will change over to the “front” app without hiccups. Different with Android, with BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB, you can easily close open app by using the “X” icon in the corner. In the browser, you will find three menu style, which you can use to maximize the screen, organizing your tabs and features, or in between its layout. This tablet can manage its resources automatically, so you actually should not have to manually close those open stuff.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB has a little nicer screen than the Motorola Xoom,( More on Motorola Xoom WiFi Review)but smaller. The good thing, BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB is more portable than Xoom with its smaller screen size. And it is big enough to make some HD videos with decent quality results on the frame rate, colors, brightness and contrast. (It has lovely wallpapers!).

For a thin mobile device category, BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB has surprisingly good stereo speakers. But unfortunately it does not include ear buds, but it is not a biggie and I am fine with it. In fact, I am not sure, even Apple adds this kind of peripherals with their products?.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB has a really superb quality tablet case too, BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB is not cheap, but really high quality BlackBerry product.

I need to say, BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB keyboard is better than the Xoom, what I love is, I can use my both thumbs to type if needed while holding this tablet.

The Word as well as Microsoft Excel are really basic, but very functional. Note, you can not create PowerPoints, but you can view them. Adoble viewer, Gmail, HotMail, Yahoo, Flash based websites work quick with mobile versions of their sites, and they appear surprisingly great on this playbook.

You can access almost all websites and organize your web browsers to have tabs for dedicated or favorite websites. You can make Gmail tab, or tab for Google docs, etc.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Review – at Glance


  1. Operating System: BlackBerry Operating System
  2. Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n network capability
  3. Bluetooth 2.1, Dock connector port, 3.5mm audio output and external
  4. 7-inch LCD touch-screen capacitive display (1024×600 resolution)
  5. 64GB internal memory
  6. 1GB RAM
  7. 3.0MP HD forward and 5.0MP rear-facing dual cameras
  8. Micro USB port
  9. Size: 5.1 x 7.6 x 0.4 inches
  10. Weight: 0.91lbs
  11. Battery Life: 10 hours
  12. Features: Built-in Digital camera, Internet/Email, Warranty, stereo speakers, GPS (requires wireless connection), video, support adoble flash, and HDMI out.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Review Summary

All I can say, if you want to have a device with huge range of apps to expand its functions, stick with the Xoom, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy WiFi, because BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB has apps limitations, but if you are an adventurous, and want a 7 incher, not bigger, then go ahead, you will be very pleased with this
BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB, it is a great playbook at what it really does.

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