Blog commenting for seo – is it good or bad?

Blog commenting in blogging world

Whenever you visit a website that uses blogging platform, in this article, wordpress blogs, mostly, and almost 99% of them, having an extra template part which is comment template.

It’s the section under the blog post itself, and whenever you have feedback, or something to say, even questions, you can type your name, website, and then the message you want to leave in the blog.

Then the blog owners will moderate, approve or even “trash” your comments, depends on how you comment. (related: set up discussion setting wordpress) If you tend to spam with unrelevant comments, then it’s likely they would not approve it.

Nowadays, bloggers idea of blog commenting is to spread their website links using their keywords to generate all backlinks throughout the internet. (related post: use commentluv to create backlinks).

This SEO technique probably worked a long time ago, but it does not work that way. Google is not dumb, and if your blog’s age is new, and you have unnatural backlinks on the web, it risks to be flagged as spam, worse, your blog will disappear in Google.

Blog commenting — the bad theory

Blog commenting is a way to make your blog more interactive, because you will be able to have a communication with your visitors and readers.

People who have similar niche, or topic will want to be involved with your post, if they have interest, or enquiries, they will do blog commenting by leaving their message to create a conversation with you.

blog commenting

As a website owner, you may notice there are tons of comments that are likely to be bot comments (related: get rid of spam bots wordpress). They are using automted blog commenting software to blast our blogs with spammy comments.

In my opinion, blog commenting softwares are not bad, but the people who use and implement them, they want to spam every websites on the internet to death, which is bad.

Blog commenting for SEO — is blog commenting good or bad?

Blog commenting is definitely important in blogosphere and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). It is what make different between blog, a dynamic website and static old fashioned website.

While you are active in a post discussion, you are building your site’s popularity. Blog commenting is definitely good for SEO, as long as you don’t spam.

It is very effective to gain traffic and backlinks, build it naturally, join conversation as it is like in real life, when you discuss something with friends or family.

Give some valuable thoughts, so the owners of the blogs will definitely approve your comments using your URL too.

Blog commenting tips:
1. Try to do it in dofollow blogs which is related on your topic.

This is because when your comments are approved, you will get dofollow backlinks, which is benefit for link juice.

2. Don’t ignore nofollow blogs.

Nofollow blogs links are still indexed by Yahoo Search engine, so they also can give you benefit, when you leave a message in a nofollow blog, check their alexa rank, the higher alexa rank, the higher traffic they have.

If a visitor find your link as a great resource, they will visit your blog as well, more traffic from nofollow blogs.

3. Try to comment at least two paragraphs, so it will show you are really interested on the topic.

If you just type in “good post, thanks” the webmaster that has the website will think, that your comment is usefull spammy one, even if you really mean that words. I personally hate this kind of comment too.

4. Come back to the same page if your comments has a reply (related post: reply me plugin wordpress)

This will show you are active in the conversation and visitors will notice it too, so it has big possibility for them to check out your link.

Blog commenting is definitely good for SEO, have you done it so far?

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