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Commenting and blogging

Almost every wordpress bloggers know that blog commenting is one method to drive more traffic to your site, and a no-cost building backlinks.

Again, this should not be abused, and keep it natural.

It has been proved that if you leaving a comment either in nofollow or dofollow links, they help to increase traffic and give you the SEO benefits too. (related: is nofollow comment useless? and checking dofollow/nofollow blog).

In today post, especially after receiving many comments myself, and doing blog commenting myself, I guess I should mention too, that every wordpress blogs have difference commenting policy.

Some allows you having keyword as your link anchor text, some don’t allow you doing so.

Blog Commenting and Spams

Lately, I have so many spam comments that seems to be spam bots comments, and because I don’t use Akismet, they weren’t filtered as spams. (related: Akismet alternative)

Plus, G.A.S.P did not help much either on this, so it was possible that the commenters of that comments were not 100% bots or automated software generated comment.

To be honest, I feel terrible if I am commenting in a site, and that comment doesn’t show or not approved. This obviously can be caused by many reasons, either your comment name, site or its content are againts the comment policy, or considered as not suitable feedbacks by the webmaster or blog owner.

Blog Commenting Tips and Tricks

Have you felt this way? Well, I have and here are some of my tips how to do decent blog commenting that will likely approved by the site’s owner or often called as the webmasters.

1. Read the post first before commenting.
This is certainly very important since according to my experience, I have once commented without reading the article, how ashaming that what I commented was clearly written in the post.
So at least reading the post first and then write your feedbacks.

2. Before you do blog commenting, read if there is any comment policy.

If there is a commenting policy, once you read it, you will be able to see, what comments are ok, and which ones are not for the owners.

3. Take benefits of the backlink.

The best for this is commenting on a blog, where it uses CommentLuv plugin, because not only the blog is actually dofollow, but it is also allowing you to have a anchor text link. Don’t abuse it though.

4. Avoid using short words.

I personally hate this comments, and before approving them, I actually ask myself, are these spams or genuine? Those short words are for example, “thank you for your post” or “amazing post”.

Because these short words seem to be “software generated” comments.

blog commenting

5. Don’t forget to at least mention the author.

If you have a good commenting software, try to at least mentioning the author name, so it looks like you have visited the site, and paying your attention to the whole post.

6. Try to use at least one or two paragraphs.

This is because the more words you write, it shows you are having “more” interest in the post, engage the discussion, and not just “leaving a free link”.

Doing blog commenting can consume times, therefore, try to do it properly, to increase your traffic, or promote your site out there, it is a proven way to get a better rank.

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  1. says

    Yes you are right kimi. We should do comment on related to article.
    Because now a days i am getting too many comments as spam.
    They just using “Nice Post” , “Great Post”, “I will bookmark it” bla bla.
    Its really irritating.
    Thanks for your nice tips.:)