Blog Marketing with YouTube |Why using YouTube as a blog marketing strategy

Blog Marketing with YouTube – Why YouTube?

I am sure everyone love to go to YouTube to look for any video informations or even being member to upload some videos in this video sharing site. YouTube so far has been the biggest video search engine, apart of Vimeo, Viddler, etc.

It has been more popular each day, and we can do blog marketing with YouTube videos to drive traffic. Other than being the biggest video sharing site, in YouTube is more and less like in a social media website, where you can respond to a video, or give comment, rating and many cool things.

You can also do blog marketing by paying an advertisement in YT or drive traffic in your YT videos and then to your blog.

Although in the first month of my blogging journey, I have zero knowledge about blog marketing with YouTube, and I did not even know whether I should use it or not.

My reason was, I did not want that someone will copy my videos, etc. I guess it is a normal feeling when we are regularly on the Internet, and I am sure many of you would feel the same way too.

Especially because my mainly topic in this website is giving video tutorials, so I really needed a video sharing website that can store my videos (related: video blogging) instead hosting them in my webserver that can eat the bandwidth and storage space.

I was a bit worried, and this can be seen by many of my videos which did not have any SEO meta tag, title description and those optimization points.

What I thought at that time was, besides I did not want people copying my videos, I also thought (not aware of blog marketing with YouTube), those videos are enough to be viewed in my website, I don’t need other people find those vids in YouTube. I was wrong, I should learnt more of blog marketing with YouTube.

I have tried Vimeo, Viddler and YT websites for hosting my videos (most are blog marketing with youtube videos), and I can say so far, that YT is the best although there are some limitations there.

Blog marketing with YouTube – the limitation

Since months I am using YT and Vimeo mostly (especially for blog marketing with YouTube only), because Viddler has “not too good” video quality.

What I notice about the limitation of you do blog marketing with YouTube is, you can not prevent people downloading your videos.

Actually some weeks ago, I have noticed someone actually downloaded one of my videos, and then upload it in their account.

Thankfully, I have always use watermark, so it is not too easy to convert my vids to theirs. In Vimeo and Viddler, you have actually options where you allow people to download or not. But we don’t have this options in YT.

Another limitation is, if you choose options, that you won’t allow people embed the video to another site, this will apply to yourself too.

Means, when you have uploaded a video, and checking disable embedding, you won’t be able to embed or add that video to your post (related: YouTube video plugin). People can only see this vid in YT website only. But this does not happen only in YT, in another sites have this issues as well.

Blog marketing with YouTube – Some tips

When you joined YT to upload your videos, you can actually have many options to mantain your movies. You can disable comment, rating and many stuff, which are very interesting.

These options also can be used when you do blog marketing with YouTube

One example, you can also view the stats of the viewer, the people who visit your vids and watching them.

blog marketing with youtube

YouTube Insight feature for traffics and stats.

So far, I have not really learn about promoting my vids on YouTube, but I am more into doing blog marketing with YouTube.

What I mean is, I uploaded some vids that I have created myself (mostly video tutorials) and then give a link to my blog post, and this will drive traffic to my website.

Although people in YT website sometimes can be so very nasty on commenting, but it can drive a decent amount of traffic.

So basically, blog marketing with YouTube is a way to generate traffic to your blog and website, just be sure you upload some contents that people would look!

If you haven’t registered in YT, I would recommend you join now, and start doing your blog marketing with YouTube :)

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