Blog name wordpress | How to change my blog name?

Why we should change our blog name wordpress?

When you start to build a blog using wordpress, you would have so many things and options to learn and get used to, each day. Same as me, when I was new a year ago, there are tons of wordpress features, from buttons, icons, links, tabs, that I did learn slowly.

Everyone can’t learn everything all at once, everything has to be learnt slowly, one by one, including in WordPress, especially if you are not too savvy, like myself.

Once your installation process is done, you will find the default blog’s name, which is called “Site Title”. And after installation, this site title is basically the blog name you typed in the installation process. (related post: install wordpress 3.1).

It sounds extremely easy to give a blog name though, and it is true, it is easy. But, there is something which you should take care of a bit about this blog name wordpress site title.

It is recommended to do keyword researches first to give a blog a name. Why though? It is actually to choose good blog titles, that will rank easier in Search Engine Result Pages, like Google. (Yes, Google is the biggest search engines for now).

If your goal of blogging is for personal website, and you do not expect any Google traffics, then you can certainly name your blog anything you like. But if you want to create a good blog to have people from search engines visiting your site, then it is something to be taken care of.

If I change blog name wordpress, will it affect my traffic?

According to my experience, no, it did not affect my SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), because although I changed my site title, it was still on the same niche, wordpress.

I changed my blog name wordpress a few months ago, from “Free Video Tutorial | WordPress Getting Started” to “WordPress Video Tutorial”. Yeah, I know, I have posted some technologies articles too..

The reason I have changed my blog name wordpress title, was, because I was afraid I would loose visitors, but I thought, “when I change it for good, and long time results, this should be fine”..

Then one day, I just change my blog name wordpress title, and checking the traffics. It did not change, I did build links enough with my keyword.

Some people reports that when they changed the blog name wordpress site, they lost traffics..I guess the key is if you want to change your blog name wordpress, please make sure it is for good, and then, keep on building quality backlinks.

How to change blog name wordpress?

Here are the simple steps to change your blog name wordpress, in case you want to change it. If you want to change the tag line, see this how to remove just another wordpress site post.

Reference wordpress codex.

Although as mentioned above, the blog title is already changed when you install the blog, but when you want to replace with the new one, you can follow these simple steps of changing blog name wordpress:

1. Log in to your admin page, you can reach this page by typing Type in your username and password correctly.

2. Once you are inside the dashboard, it will be easy, navigate to “Settings” tabs, which you will find if you scroll a bit down of the page, in the left side.

3. After “Settings” click “General”.

4. In this page, you will so many options, see more in my post, what to do after installing wordpress.

5. In the Site Title, you can delete the old one, and then replace with the new site title.

blog name wordpress
The site title = your blog name.

6. Click “Save Changes”

Note : If you use All in One SEO pack, you should update the setting too, see more in this All in One SEO pack tutorial.

By doing those 6 steps above, you should see the changes of your blog name wordpress site title.

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  1. Sid says

    Hi Kimi, When I installed WordPress in my site root, the WordPress site url was automatically set by WordPress to be even though it is installed in the root and NOT in a subdomain or in a directory. Should I change it to with the www added? I would like your advise. I searched everywhere but there is not much information about this. Thanks.

  2. says

    Hi Kimi,

    I don’t know how far its true that changing the blogs name will effect the blog. I have been using wordpress from past few years but never faced any problem. But rather I prefer using a shot name just coz the site title displays in your admin area long title does not look good from me.

    If you are using AIO plugin then the default site Title is replaced with AIO Site Title. If you are using Thesis theme you can always change your site title from Thesis Option > Site Options > Home Page SEO.

    Anyways its a good share so that others will understand better..