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WordPress is already optimized for search engines out of the box. This is why newbies and professional bloggers install or migrate their websites to wordpress. But most people think when they write posts in their blog, they will get their blog popular automatically.

This can happen but very very seldom, because to achieve having your blog popular without effort, you will really need an extremely great content that everyone will promote it for you. But as you know, there are millions blogs out there, and everyone wants to get visitors or make blog popular, so it is not easy at all.

Making blog popular is not only installing blogging software in your webhost and then people will visit your blog, there are many things we should do to make our websites or blog popular.

Blog marketing is not easy but also not too hard, the key is patient and time or efforts.

Blog popular – Fast method is not always good

Whenever I see some people ask in a forum or blog asking, how can I make my blog popular, nearly 99% of the answers are, “get backlink as much as you can”. This is true, but we have to control the backlinks amounts.

I am recently getting one of my websites lost its rank in Search Engine Result Pages because of a reason which I am not sure yet. But this website was placed in the first page of Google in 3 months of time, and to get that result, I paid a SEO company which is quite popular and I guess this is may be the cause.

As so far, I have never used any SEO company to make my new blogs bigger, so it was my first experience. I am testing and now and build that website back to its place before, so I may write the result once I fail or succeed.

But my big guess is Google dance, since this blog is only a 3 months old..

How do I make my blog popular?

Back to make your blog popular, building quality backlinks naturally is very important, and also using paid advertisement will work to. This is when you visit a blog, especially with higher rank, and you ask the owner to put a link of your website, but you have to pay amount of money. It can make your blog popular but it needs budget.

Most newbies do not want to do this, because they do not want to spend any money, I would not do it either.

Keep writing interesting content, and from my experience, adding videos can be a part that interest people in your post. Another advantage, you can then publish those videos via video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo and others. I personally only use Vimeo and YouTube for my videos. (related: add video to post)

blog popular

Depends on the niche, but most people love to learn with video tutorials, this is why, having videos are an advantage to my blog. But if you have another niches, perhaps a video of yourself makes your website interesting..

Participate on a discussion websites, for instance forums and make sure you have your blog link with your keyword as an anchor text as your signature link. This is also a quite common way to get our blog popular.

But from my experience, there is a downside to be active in a forum. When people see your link as signature, there would be a chance they inspect your sites, and try to “kill” your website as a competitor. (I don’t know if others might notice this, but I said this, because of my own experience).

Another great way to get your website or blog popular and known by people is visiting other bloggers’s websites. It does not have to be the related niches bloggers, but that’s definitely the best.

When you visit their websites, do some valuable comments (do not spam) and when you give “smart” comments the readers of that blog will click your link to your website. So don’t forget to leave the link of URL. This way, not only you get backlink, traffic, but you can also make your blog popular.

You can test this tips, they are all white hat tips that I have personally tried myself to get at least 4000 visitors a day. You can definitely make your blog popular!

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