If Your Blog Post Dissappeared In Google

Quick tips what to do if your blog post suddenly disappeared in google search, and then reappeared again in the next day.

I had weird experience on this wordpress blog, that once i published a post, it was in the first page of Google Search Result page, but then, i checked it next day again, it was suddenly gone, disappeared. Even when i typed my post title, one of my blog post could not be found anywhere.

Weird thing was, that my Blog Home title was there. I was not so happy because i want that my visitors land on a post which they really looked for, and not in my home page.

So i have been paying attention on this and doing some experiments, finally all of sudden i found my blog post again nowadays, staying in the first page of Google.

Why was my blog post dissappeared?

This is because my blog is included as a “new” blog, and the rank in Google Result page is not stable yet, plus Google might updates it’s database so it is common for any website or blog to rank up and down in the result page. This is called “Google Dance”.

What to do if my blog post is dissappeared?

Based on my experience, three tips i have done;

1. Try not to be panic.
Check if you have duplicated contents somewhere, usually because of this duplicated content, Google pulls out your post. Google will not let the visitors confused and having same contents.

2. Keep on posting Articles as usual.
Don’t let this problems stop you from creating content of your blog. I know that you might be afraid and ask, “is my blog is in sandbox?”. To me, as long as you didn’t do something bad, then wait for a few days until you see your post again. Google always updated its database, and if your blog is like mine, new blog, then it is normal.

3. Pay attention on your site in search engine, in this case, i always check in Google. Check if your blog is still indexed whenever you create a new blog post.

How to know if your blog post is indexed by Google?

Type in: site:www.yoursite.com

Once you hit “search” button, it will show you what posts of your blog have been indexed. If your new post is there, then do not worry about disappearing blog post, it will be reappeared again, just keep on creating quality content.

That was my experience that i thought i want to share it with you. Have you ever encountered this?

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says

    Yes, this is the problem for most of the new users and I am sure this post will be helpful for them.. Great post.

    • says

      Thanks Pankaj,

      I had this experience, and i did experiment myself, and then share it in this blog.

      Thanks for visiting.