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How to submit  your wordpress blog  to search engine.

Most people almost forgot is also one of the biggest search engine. Frankly was the last search engine i submitted my blog to, but i notice i have a decent traffic from

Imagine, i didn’t submit to ask, i would not get any traffics at all. So it is a cool idea to add your blog or website to search engine, after we submit our blog to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There is not a video tutorial in this post, since the steps are very easy as submitting to Bing.

You need a ready to submit sitemap.xml of your blog, if you have it, we are ready to go:

1. Replace yourblogURL to your wordpress blog’s URL.

2. Copy above URL and paste it in your browser, and hit enter.

You’re done, post fresh contents as usual, and build site’s popularity to help achieving better SERPs in

A successful submission message.

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