Blogging Guide for Beginners

Blogging guide for beginners ebook.

Why do you need blogging guide for beginners before you start a blog?

Many of us are newbies in blogging, including myself. This is my first blog ever. So when i did start this blog, i just wanted to share my knowledge about WordPress because while sharing, i am learning myself too.

I did some mistakes, like everyone does, and i hope if you read this post, it will not be late for you. Learn from my mistakes.

First, i did not do some keywords researches about a blog’s niche. I was just in love with WordPress, and i want to write everything about it. Big mistake! See more how we should look for blog titles or name keywords first before we buy a domain name.

Results if you ignore how important a blogging guide for beginners.

Well, at that time I just jumped in, and set up wordpress and start to create some poor contents. See this post for example, it does not even have any contents, it just has a video.

The video is really useful for others i know, but because it hasn’t SEO optimized, it is hardly found in Search Engines. I will need to update it real soon.

Learn a blogging guide for beginners from an expert blogger.

blogging guide for beginnersWho doesn’t know Darren Rowse? He is the success blogger from, and has wrote an extremely useful blogging guide for beginners ebook with the title “30 days to build a better blog”.

He wrote a friendly content, useful steps of blogging guide for beginners to run your wordpress blog to a better level.

Download this blogging guide for beginners with the code: november25.

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