Blogging Guide for Beginners

Blogging guide for beginners ebook.

Why do you need blogging guide for beginners before you start a blog?

Many of us are newbies in blogging, including myself. This is my first blog ever. So when i did start this blog, i just wanted to share my knowledge about WordPress because while sharing, i am learning myself too.

I did some mistakes, like everyone does, and i hope if you read this post, it will not be late for you. Learn from my mistakes.

First, i did not do some keywords researches about a blog’s niche. I was just in love with WordPress, and i want to write everything about it. Big mistake! See more how we should look for blog titles or name keywords first before we buy a domain name.

Results if you ignore how important a blogging guide for beginners.

Well, at that time I just jumped in, and set up wordpress and start to create some poor contents. See this post for example, it does not even have any contents, it just has a video.

The video is really useful for others i know, but because it hasn’t SEO optimized, it is hardly found in Search Engines. I will need to update it real soon.

Learn a blogging guide for beginners from an expert blogger.

blogging guide for beginnersWho doesn’t know Darren Rowse? He is the success blogger from, and has wrote an extremely useful blogging guide for beginners ebook with the title “30 days to build a better blog”.

He wrote a friendly content, useful steps of blogging guide for beginners to run your wordpress blog to a better level.

Download this blogging guide for beginners with the code: november25.

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  1. Bilal Ahmad says

    31 DBBB is a very informative blog, i have read it. Darren has put a lot of efforts in this ebook for newbies. 31 taks are really awesome.

  2. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Kim, the 31 days to build a better blog is really an amazing ebook. Before I have started my blog I have read this book a few times and I have tested all the steps given in there. All of them are worked for me and then only I started my blog and I have applied those techniques.

  3. Rahul says

    Hi Kimi,
    Your posts give me some fruitful thinking. I am still thirsty of getting something more on this topic. Though I am not beginner but there’s a lot to know more from others. Kimi, I want a broad narration on keyword selection. I am still confused during writing a blog whether my keywords are OK. Can you share your experience and strategies, please?

    • says

      I am not SEO expert either LOL, look at my older posts, they are crappy :(

      Well i guess i have always wrote my posts naturally and put some keywords bold, italic, or underline, those stuff i guess.

      I think you are doing fine, Rahul :)

  4. zakir says

    i don’t have enough money to buy that book ! why don’t you guys share some techniques here so i can apply into my site?

    I just installed all in one seo pack and waiting for result ! but still my blog in number one in google search when someone searches by my name “zakir sajib”. But I am not happy, I want something like for example when you search bbc in google, you see there is different categories (football, news, sport, iplayer, etc)and shown nicely. I want to see my blog site name will be shown like bbc and organised by different categories.

    Which technique I should follow ?

    • says

      Hi there,

      Those things with BBC is called interlinks, which you will see in webmaster tools. Incase you have not submit your site to webmaster tools yet, here is a quick video tutorial.

      Not every website has those interlinks, if one day we will have, it needs patience and works.

      I would personally will not think about that first, just create contents, and if your contents are good, people will link your site everywhere.

      If talking about what technique you should follow, i am not sure which, because people in internet tends to trap newbies :( Just read Google official websites about SEO and you will be fine. Link:

      I hope this helps.

  5. zakir says

    i am bit stuck. help will be great.

    how can i add an image dynamically after every posts. which theme’s file i mean .php file i need to modify! please let me know asap.

    thank you.

  6. zakir says

    Thanks for your reply.

    What I really meant by dynamically adding image in run-time. Let me give you an example: Client would just write blog and when he/she will publish the blog, after each blog there will be a particular image underneath which will be added automatically. So he /she does not need to worry about uploading same image and adding in a blog every time! The image will be attached into any posts implicitly.

    Think about a signature. I want my signature (image) will be added automatically after my each post/blog. But I don’t want to add same signature while publishing new post every time.

    Hope you understand.

    I got a clue that I had to modify existing index.php or single.php file but not sure where , which line!!!!

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.

  7. zakir says

    i am in stuck. I want to create two level menu like this website The theme they use is called Streamline. But I can’t add a menu. Its not allowing me to add new menu like this site.
    Another question: i am looking for a plugin which i can add into sidebar which will show latest, popular and comments into tab bar like this website

    Any ideas will be great help.

    • says

      Hey Zakir,

      Streamline is from Genesis, it is a premium wordpress theme. I work with a client who is using Genesis, indeed the drop down menu can be done very easily. Most premium themes have drop down menu which can be done very easy.

      At least Thesis theme and Genesis have.

      About the latest, popular and comments, it is also featured of a theme.

      I do not know any plugins about it.

      I hope this helps.