BlueHost Review 2012 Video – Personal Experience

BlueHost Review 2012 – I use my personal experience or story to write this BlueHost Review 2012 blog’s post and make a video, as everyone has their different opinions.

As in my previous post, which is titled, JustHost vs HostGator last year, I already made a small personal comparison between the two popular web hosting, which you might need for the very first step to install wordpress.

In today BlueHost review 2012 post, I would like to write my own experience with other popular recommended web host for wordpress, which is BlueHost.

Actually, it’s more like a blog post written based on my own experience instead of a “review”.

The reason I wanted to try BlueHost, is because this web host is mentioned in WordPress official page about wordpress webhosting recommendation.

BlueHost Review 2012 – Price, My Pros and Cons

Terms of Price

Everyone wants the cheapest hosting plan and a good quality and services. Who doesn’t?

Speaking about BlueHost price, it is relative. I mean, if you have a good budget before building a site or a blog, then, the cost is nothing, but if you are like myself, who thinks about affordable plan of a hosting package, then BlueHost is quite affordable.

You can check the price here.

Note, this link is an affiliate link, if you sign up using this link, I will get a comission, which is also helping to keep this blog alive, and I also pay tax for it.


Most webhosting companies, nowadays do include cPanel. I have heard about some hosts that don’t have it, but BlueHost has it.

This is the screenshot of BlueHost (I will call it “BH” from now on);

bluehost review 2012
BlueHost's cPanel

As seen on the picture, the cPanel is exactly the same like other web hosting’s.

If you have enough time to watch the video review that I have included in this post, you will see too, there was a quick delay, before you actually could access your cPanel.

Their Services

I am currently using 4 web hosting companies, to host my blogs at the moment, and trust me, sometimes the support of a web host is really important especially if you are having troubles that you can’t solve yourself.

BH does have chat support, and to me, they are really fast responding, especially if you are logged in, and send chat to the logged in user’s chat support.

The discount

I somehow regret not to wait a few months from the day, I signed up with them, because now, they decrease the price, from $6.95/a month, to $5.95/a month.

bluehost review 2012

I am not quite sure if this discount will last long, however if you really consider this web host, you should read this review first, and then you can consider it further.

BlueHost Review 2012 Video

BlueHost Review 2012 – My Independent Pros and Cons

This section is always interesting, especially if you read a honest review from the users themselves.

As I said in the video review, I do like it, however there are some points that I wish to be different. (or if they are called, my cons).

Let’s begin with things I don’t really like.

First con, actually, there are not many stuff that I don’t really like, however the most surprising is they don’t have Fantastico.

At least, mine doesn’t have it, to be sure, before you sign up, ask first, and consider again, whether you really need Fantastico or not.

I personally don’t need Fantastico software in my cPanel.

In my previous post, Fantastico and wordpress security, I recommend that if you plan to have the blog for a long time, you should install it manually, because you can actually change the wp table prefix to something else.

This is not because I don’t trust Fantastico, but because when the blog gets big, and you will have to change the database table prefix, you will need really a while to do all of that in your server, which is I for one, don’t find it a convenient task.

We now go back to my con.

As I mentioned earlier, Fantastico is not a must-have feature of a web host cPanel to me, however, if you plan also to build many blogs, and not just one blog, like myself, Fantastico can be a handy tool.

In my personal experience, I usually only install blogs with Fantastico, with one condition, this blog is a site that I plan not to own for long.

What kind of a blog is this, you will probably ask, well, these kind of blogs are usually my affiliate sites or redirect sites, so after a few months, I don’t need them, then I removed them from my server.

So if you think you will likely will do like what I do, then Fantastico can be handy. Now you probably also will ask, don’t they have something like Fantastico?

The answer, is YES, they do have a similiar software that can install wp automatically, which is called, simplescripts.


bluehost fantastico
No Fantastico, but SimpleScript

As shown in the screenshot above, you see a wordpress blue icon, when you click that, it will help you to install wordpress automatically like with Fantastico’.

There is a draw back of it, I also mention it in the video, which is the two additional links will be added in your theme’s footer.

Maybe you don’t mind it, but I do mind it.

I would like my footer to be clean, which means, those two links are actually free backlinks to simple script and bluehost.

bluehost footer link
Additional Footer Links

If you know a bit Search Engine Optimization, then you will know what I mean.

This does not mean, that those links will harm your site though, because two of them are reputable websites, but personally, I like the footer as is from original wordpress theme.

Can you remove those links?

Yes, of course you can remove them, but you will have to go to the core files, and look for those line of codes, and usually, people who installed wordpress for the first time are newbies, that don’t really know how to do it or they will have to spend a bit of their valuable times to dive in to the core file.

2nd Con, A bit complicated for adding addon domains.

In other web hosts that I am currently using, it is very very simple to add addons domain, but it is a bit complicated in BH.

Screenshot a comparison between “addons domain” feature in BH and other host that I’m also using:

adding addons
A long page to add addons vs a short simple step.

When do you need addons domain feature?

This is when you actually want to build another blog in the same hosting provider, in this case, BH.

Most people need this feature, although the case is often different at the beginning.

I mean, when you start a blog, you just plan to have one.

And then when the first blog grows, and you are making extra money out of it, you think about owning other blogs, which is very common and happen to almost every webmaster.

Then if you already own a web host, you can just purchase a domain name in a domain online shops, then add this domain to your “addons domain” feature of your web hosting provider.

Third Con, Default blue favicon

If you don’t know what a favicon is, this is a screenshot of a favicon.

In BH, you will have a square blue favicon, which is BH’s favicon, and this will appear in all of your websites, unless you remove it.

blue favicon
Default "blue" icon to any sites which are hosted in BH

This is not a issue at all for me, but I am sure there are people who still don’t know how to do it.

Even if you follow my other tutorial, which is adding or chaging favicon to a WP theme, this will not change that blue square icon on your browser, because you have to remove the old one.

I would say, so far, those 3 things I don’t really like, which is actually not a big problem, but I have to mention it in this post.

Now we move on to my pros

I guess there are a lot of pros, and it’s quite fair, if I say, the pros are more than the cons.

My Pros;

  • 1. It has cPanel
  • 2. Affordable price
  • 3. Free one domain while signing up
  • 4. Good Support
  • 5. Quite fast server
  • 6. Linux server
  • 7. You can host many domains in your web host

As a BlueHost user for almost half a year, I find that BH is a good webhosting that you can use to host a wordpress blog or any software platform.

I hope with this BlueHost Review 2012 post, you can decide the right web hosting provider and start your blogging journey as planned, of course, if you have any question, feel free to leave a comment or send an email in contact page.

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