BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost Which One You Should Choose?

BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost is an interesting a comparison between those three popular webhosting companies on the net. (Updates are at the end of this post)

I am writing this review and BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost comparison because I am still currently using these three hosting providers to host my many blogs and websites.

Almost 3 years with JustHost now, and almost 2 years with HostGator, as well as a half year using BlueHost, I know three of them quite well, including performance, reliability, fast or slower support via email or chat support feature.

Let’s start with the quick overview with these three web hosts.

BlueHost has been very popular for many many years, and so is HostGator.

When I first looked for an affordable hosting plan for this blog, I have checked them both, however I didn’t decide one of them.

I then rather looked for another hosts that I thought their price fits on my budget.

Now, about JustHost, JustHost is relatively newer than the two companies, but they also have proved that they are already becoming one of top web hosting companies.

This post will discuss about BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost, but I actually have posted a review about two hostings, which is titled, JustHost vs HostGator, at that time, I have not used BlueHost yet.

BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost

Appearance and User Interface

When you want to look for a web hosting to host your word press blog or site, you will definitely ask yourself, “does this host have cPanel?”

These three web host providers do have cPanel, and all of them appear to have the almost similar cPanel’s looks.

They do have many popular features such as “File Manager”, “Addons Domains”, “PHP MyAdmin” and many more as a usual cPanel has.

In this term, you can take a look my video of BlueHost Review 2012 post.

BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost Table Comparison

Here is the simple table comparison that is valid when this post is written.

Price if you sign a year$6.95$5.56$5.95
Free domain one yearX
WP Automatic InstallSimpleScriptsFantasticoFantastico
Billing Cycle that you can try1 Year1 Month1 Month

Note: if you try a month, it costs a bit more expensive than other plans.

What is my experience with these three hosts?

Note: before I continue this post, this blog has been moved to VPS hosting (ServInt)last year, because it gets bigger and bigger last year.

However, since Google Panda last October, the traffic has been dropped dramatically, so I am thinking to move the blog to a shared hosting again, although not sure which host yet.

I have built this blog with JustHost from the day one, because to me, they were the cheapest. (I took a 3 years plan).

So far, until today, their respond have been great.

Since I am living in Europe, whenever I have a problem, I send them a ticket from my cPanel.

Their respond is really fast and they have been very helpful.

Con about JustHost:

1. Live Chat Support is not too cool to me.

2. I found that they can’t really handle a lot of blogs. I hosted about 4 blogs in the past there, and all of them ran a bit slow than hosting 2 blogs.

3. They don’t really have their own VPS package. Once you want to move, they offer to upgrade to another webhosting company, so to say.

Pros about JustHost:

1. Good Support

2. Most affordable hosting out there

Then we now move to HostGator, HostGator is also a great web hosting company, I am almost two years there until today.

Cons about HostGator:

1. Long waiting if I want to use Live Chat Support, although the Live Chat support itself has been always helpful.

2. You have to pay a domain name extra.

Pros about HostGator:

1. Capable to host more than 20 wordpress blogs.

2. Once your blog gets bigger, and you consider a VPS hosting, they have this package to upgrade, so it will be less complicated, because they will do the “migration” for you.

The last one is BlueHost.

I am using this web hosting provider not long time ago, less than a year, so can’t really say much.

However, so far they have been fantastic, still I will write my cons and pros below.

Cons about BlueHost:

1. More expensive than JustHost and HostGator.

2. cPanel doesn’t include Fantastico, although there is simplescripts.

3. If you install wordpress with automatic install script, it will add links to your footer.

4. A Bit complicated to add “Addons domains”.

5. Adding their favicon to your site.

Pros about BlueHost:

1. Fast respond of the support.

2. Capable to host many blogs.

BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost: cPanels

BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost


What is my recommendation?

Based on my own experience with them, I recommend JustHost if you plan to only host a few blogs, let’s say under 5 blogs.

I recommend them because they are more affordable and good too.

However, if you plan to have many many blogs, let’s say more than 5 blogs, then I would go to HostGator.

I can’t recommend BlueHost because I am using it not even a year.

But they are recommended in official wordpress hosting page, so they must be reliable and good too.

I hope this post can help you to put some hosting providers as your consideration.

One important factor to consider is the plan, the longer plan you will take, the cheaper price you will get.

Feel free to ask if you have any question about this BlueHost vs HostGator vs JustHost discussion.

//update: After 3 years using JustHost, I have to renew my contract, and it’s very very expensive. So I now recommend HostGator or BlueHost, if you plan to renew them in the future. JustHost is more affordable in the first years, but for renewal, BlueHost and HostGator are more affordable, based on my experience.

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