Bookmarks Toolbar Icons Disappeared in Firefox 4

Bookmarks Toolbar Icons and New FF 4

Bookmarks toolbar icons of my older Firefox were disappeared to tiny white square icons after I updated my browser to the newest Firefox 4 version.

It is quite terrible and awful to have or work using two different computers with different stuff as well. Bookmarks toolbar icons, I mean, I have a computer where it has Firefox version 3+ on it, and my other laptop, has Firefox 4.

So I was not really surprised to open up my browser this morning, and found a new notification that says, Firefox 4 is out, and if I wanted, I could install this latest version to replace my older one.

I was thinking a few seconds, because I am actually a person who do not like new changes in everything, I am not patient enough to take times to get used to on new things.Bookmarks toolbar icons,

As twitter with its newest interface was out, I left using Twitter until today, because I hate the confusing interface, plus most tweets that people tweeting tend to be spams.

I even use automatic tweets for all my posts, you might want to see, my automatically tweets post.

And then Facebook was also out with its new interface, but it was not as bad as Twitter, at the beginning, I thought, new facebook sucks, but at the meanwhile, I am fine with it.

Bookmarks Toolbar Icons Disappeared after Firefox 4 Update

Finally, I decided to install the new FF version, which is version 4, including my other addons which I have. I have several addons, that I use daily in my browsing activity, but my most important addons, are Firebug, Web developers tools addon, and HTML validator addon. Bookmarks toolbar icons,

The upgrading process was quite fast, but while installing process, I actually already knew how this new FF will look like, because in my other laptop, I use FF 4 already. Thus made me posting these articles, Export bookmarks to Firefox 4, and Import Bookmark Toolbars.

After the process was done, I checked all my old stuff, whether they still work or not. Bookmarks toolbar icons,This is very common on having newer stuff, something will possibly go wrong.

All was fine, but I noticed my bookmarks toolbars icons were all gone, left with white black square icons.

Easy fix for bookmarks toolbar icons that are gone

As usual, I know it is my bad behaviour, but when something goes wrong, I immediately hate something. So I tried to google around.

Of course, as expected, I landed to Mozilla support forum, which have threads posting the same problems as mine. There are actually a quite amount of users who noticed the same thing, their bookmarks toolbar icons are also gone in Firefox 4.

bookmarks toolbar icons

They are gone, only squared white icons left.

I was glad, at least I was not alone, so I keep on searching the solutions. As usual, in Mozilla forum, there are people who ask the question which are mostly people who have problems with their FF browser, included this bookmarks toolbar icons issues.

And there are people who contribute to the forums, by answering this question with their solutions, sometimes they work perfectly, and sometimes they don’t.

In my case, the solutions they offered did not work, or I did not look harder for any other threads.

After clicking the third row in the first page of Google, I quit searching for a while, went back to my browser, and just clicked those icons.

bookmarks toolbar icons

After clicking those white icons, they are back to usual.

Surprisingly, after the browser loads up the associated website to the icon, the icons are back to usual, showing the original bookmarks toolbar icons, I hope this fix your issue too!

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