How To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Tips to how to promote your blog by building some quality backlinks to get better traffics.

Who still has doubt that wordpress is a great free software to blog? It is the most famous blogging platform in the internet.

You install it in your webhost, and post some articles regularly, adding some wordpress SEO plugins, and your blog will be indexed automatically.

Getting indexed is not difficult, but to get people to find your blog easily need some work and time, it won’t work overnight!

You need some backlinks out there to alert search engines how important your blog is. More quality backlinks equal to, “oh this blog is important for my searcher” for search engines.

Here is some ways to get quality backlinks for your wordpress blog;

1. Submit your site to respectable website or blog directories.
I have posted it here. Be selective on submitting to those directories, because some directories are just link farmer, and it won’t give quality backlinks to your blog.

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories with high page rank.
I have been writing some articles in ezines article website. I am not a good writer, and it needs me ages writing, editing, editing…and editing until i am sure that the spellings are corrects. Do not forget to type some links to your sites or blog in author bio.

3. Be member in a “relevant” high PR and high traffic forums.
Let’s say you are blogging about “travel” in this case, you should not be a member of a “pet” forum. Put the links to your site in your signature.

4. Social bookmarking site backlinks.
Every time you post, you can submit the post to dofollow high PR bookmarking sites, but be careful that you won’t get banned of spamming.

5. Comment in dofollow blog or websites.
There is a way to detect dofollow blogs, and try to be active on commenting, also do not attempt to spam. Commenting means commenting after reading the post. If you can be “top commentator” it will link to “home” page. And if the blog has high PR, it can be benefit for your blog.

6.Join as guest post in a popular blog.
Basically, you will post article for their blogs, and you will get some free links to your site.

7. Link exchange with relevant website or blogs.
When you find a blog that has similar niche to yours, you may want to write nice email to ask for a link exchange.

8. Good internal linking.
Try to put some internal linking to your older post when you write an article. This is because, nowadays, autoblogs fetch your site’s content, and if you put some links, you will get more backlinks.

9. Buy some links.
I don’t encourage this last alternative, but i can’t deny, this choice is existing. But be sure to “hide” from search engines, otherwise, your site will be penalized.

There is no doubt that we also need to do some site or wordpress blog optimizations and submitting sitemap.xml to search engines, these steps are also extremely important.

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