Canon 300 HS Review

Canon 300 HS – Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video (Black)

I wanted a compact camera that both can capture good images, and good videos. I have researched a few brands before I decided to get canon 300 hs.

The canon 300 HS has some features that impress me, and it can do what I want thus far. Found 20% discount here!

Like getting full 1080 HD videos, autofocus as well as optical zoom while I am recording a movie, the 12 fps at 640x480px resolution, very small factor and also, the stable great images result.

canon 300 hsOne thing that I need to say here, the canon 300 HS can’t give HDR photos like Canon 100, so I still need an image editing software or program like Photoshop to get HDR pictures and their details.

But I was looking for a camera which it does not have to do what image editing programs can do.

Canon 300 HS Limitations and Advantages

Another limitation that I found this far, this canon 300 HS can’t be used to shoot a lot of pictures at once, since the continous option is somehow slow.

The fastest you can take is about 3 pictures per second.

If you are looking for Camera body which has a smooth surface, then canon 300 HS is not your thing, because it has a bit rough finish which I personally find it as an advantage, it is not slippery at all.

It is not going to slip out of your hand, eventhough you take a picture by using only one hand, it gives a firmer feeling when you hold it because of its rough finish texture.

Other thing, is about the shutter speed option.

At first you will probably find it as an issue because to find it, you need to look for this option in the program mode, and then select “Long Shutter”.

After you done it, close the program mode, and then hit the +/- button. You can then modify your shutter speed by moving the left and right button.

I have noticed the optical zooming is slow whenever I have it in a video mode, especially while I am recording a video, but it is not a letdown for me.

Since I have played around with this canon 300 HS model, I am very happy with the result, the pictures are having good quality, and really sharp or crisp.

The fisheye effect as well as miniature effect are really cool. I am also impressed with the macro mode which turns out really great in this canon 300 HS.

The other nice features are the 16:9 square mode, outdoor/indoor and flash mode.

What I really like from this canon 300 HS is, the black model which is thin, and sleek. The tiny dimension and its weight is really awesome. It fits perfectly in my pocket.

Canon 300 HS Review – Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS Summary

I got what I want with this camera, it is really worth $229 I spent.

The image quality is very sharp and the picture colors are very detailed and accurate.

Canon 300 HS packs really tons of interesting features which I have never found in any similar cameras before.

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