Canon Pixma MX420 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Canon Pixma MX420 – I purchased this printer to replace an older version of Canon because the paper switch was broken. (and it costs around $100)

I previously owned Epson printers that has really good print output or quality, but it was costly because of the print cartridges and I didn’t really like the print head.

And my two HP printers were efficient, and functional, but they didn’t have good print quality in my opinion.

I choose this Canon MX420 printer because it is incredibly affordable for a wireless all in one printer, and can print with your SD card.

The SD card slot is placed in the printer’s front part, so you can easily print photos or documents from your memory cards.

Canon Pixma MX420 Appearance and Features

The Canon Pixma MX420 itself is an absolute beautiful device, the external trays can fold itself, so it saves a lot of space.

Canon Pixma MX420 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer
Canon Pixma MX420 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer

This printer has really nice black finish (kind of piano black) combined with sci-fi style LEDs which has blue color.

The 2.5 inch LCD screen is fairly small screen to me, but fortunately, the display shows the information very clearly.

The wireless network (LAN) setup was extremely easy and quick. I have a Mac, two Windows PC, and an Ubuntu system at home, and this printer was installed and running with them without any problems.

Printers from Canon including this Canon Pixma MX420 aren’t made for Linux system. But with this one, they have the driver, just look at their website, if you happen to set it up with Linux.

I needed a few hours to configure it with Ubuntu 11, because I had to modify here and there with the program to set it up.

On my Ubuntu, the scanner function works fine but only compatible with GIMP, the printer function works with all of my applications.
Canon MX420

I would recommend to read the instructions and install the software from the included CD to your first computer, to make sure everything works well.

The printer works fast and give great quality. You can print while you’re away, because the output door will open automatically!

I am really impressed with the scanner feature, which is really excellent! I have used a flatbed scanner to scan a magazine, and it took me about one hour, and I have to check every a few minutes and I really had to spend a lot of times for scanning alone.

Canon Pixma MX420

Canon Pixma MX420 – Printing Photos

Printing photos is really quick, nice result and it gives amazing color reproduction. I just don’t usually print photos at home, because I prefer to print photos at a shop than at home due to the printer ink cost.

Printing black and white stuff was also reasonable fast, accurate, especially the black colors appeared to be a true or natural black.

There is no real con, Canon Pixma MX420 is just not a printer to do double sided printing.

Altogether, this is an excellent all in one wireless printer, quick set up, SD card compatible, saving the coming faxes on SD card in PDF formats, printing fast, good copying and faxing quality, definitely well worth my money!

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