Canon T3i Tutorial – Canon EOS Rebel T3i How-Tos Guide

Canon T3i Tutorial

There are not many Canon T3i tutorial or guides out there. But I purchased a book a few months back and after reading the book for a while, it helped a lot to learn about the exposures, dof, buttons functions, lightning, etc…

So I decided to get another book, not really want to read about EOS SLR’s how-tos, but because I wanted to get information specifically concerning my Canon T3i.

This Canon T3i tutorial is nicely written, and very nice to read.

Canon T3i Tutorial Minor Disappointment

There is a minor disappointment with this Canon T3i tutorial, which is the “video” guide, to me, it does not explain enough, and the T3i main feature is unfortunately “video”.

canon t3i tutorial

One of the tutorial

The “video chapter” (as a bonus) is only accessable online so when I am somewhere and need to get informations with my T3i, I can’t access these informations. I wish it was included in this guide.

Therefore when I am on the go, I only take my other camera’s guide since it’s more in-depth with the video feature, although this book is really helpful particularly if you are newbies about DSLR.

I am actually more into video camera than photos, but I want to learn about photos and video now.

Canon T3i Tutorial with Illustrations

Since there are tons of buttons on my T3i, this book really explains each part of the camera, and what you can use for those buttons and functions.

I have also the T3i’s manual, but it isn’t really in-depth information.

Revell really does a fantastic work of to get you “up to speed” with your camera.

Easy to understand, well organized content, and clear illustrations, also includes his photography which evidently describe the points he is trying to explain.

Although Revell is an experience photographer, he does take a down-to-earth way.

He explains the camera’s basic in a clear way, and also of photography.

t3i tutorial

He doesn’t seem to assume that we know the basics, on the other hand, his explanations are quick that takes you to move forward to understand and make bette photos with your camera.

In summary, this book is a must-have for beginners, because it has all infos about your camera’s functions and shows you about photography in a clear way, I cannot recommend this enough.

However, if you need more information about how to get the best results out of your T3i, then this will not satisfy you, for this, I would recommend this book I bought a few months back.

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