Can’t access wp-admin wordpress

wordpress can’t access wp-admin my own experience.

When i first set up this blog, i have so many things to try.

I first, did some google researches about so many things, follow some blog posts, and apply it to my blog.

When this wordpress blog installed for the first time, i use

But then a few months later i changed it with www. which is now As you can guess, that was not a wise move to change from non www to www, because i lost lots of backlinks to my old url.

But i am glad i did it, because it was for the good reasons. If you do the same thing, without preparation, i am sure in the next move, you can’t access wp-admin of your wordpress blog.

Can’t access wp-admin, why does this happen?

Except of other reasons above, it also can be caused by adding some plugins, and they are not compatible or you added incorrect, so it will cause some parse error message.

Image by Titanas

If you change your url, and not updating your wordpress files which are sitting in your cPanel, it is a big possibility you can’t access wp-admin.

This is because wordpress holds two kinds of addresses, one for your wordpress files path, and the other one, for a file which is index.php.

So when you can’t access wp-admin of wordpress, you will mostly find your site has white ugly page. It looses the path to the files.

How to fix if you can’t access wp-admin?

There are many resources you can read, and i also have a video tutorial how i did fix this:

1. Resources from official website.

2. Video how to fix your broken dashboard after changing URL settings.

3. Fixing functions.php parse error.

Now you know what to do if you have this “can’t access wp-admin” situation on your wordpress blog.

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