Can’t Empty Trash on Mac Lion

Can’t Empty Trash on Mac Lion

Some days ago, I encountered weird thing with my computer, I can’t empty trash because some error notifications.

This is the screenshot of the error while I wanted to empty my trash.

can't empty trash mac

The "PCMWave in use" message

From the screen above, it said, The operation can’t be completed because the item “PCMWave” is in use.

And I had those two buttons, either “Stop” or “Continue” the action.

If I chose stop, it means, stop emptying the trash, and if I clicked “Continue” it continued, but it didn’t bring any effects, my trash was still full :(

The solution which finally works

If you have this issue, you can do following:

1. Open your “Finder”

2. On the top menu, next to “Apple” small icon, select “Finder” and in the drop down menu, select “Secure Empty Trash”.


This did the trick, I was able to empty my trash, and after that day, this message doesn’t show up again, and emptying the trash on Mac is done like it used to.

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