Can’t Find The “commentformid” Div Error

A Video how to fix Wp Thread Comment plugin error which says: Can’t find the “commentformid” div error

This happened to me when i switch my old theme to my current theme.

When i first installed wp-thread comment plugin with my old theme, i had no problem with it. But not with this theme, i notice it depends on you theme.

However if you found the same error, you can fix it easily by editing comments.php file.

Another way, i recommend using Thesis theme, because it supports threaded comment template so one less plugin used without any hassles, and it is best WordPress theme for SEO.

Anyway, to fix this problem, look for this code in your theme folder → comments.php (after backup the file):
method="post" and look at the id next to it.

After watching the video you will be able to click “reply” in wordpress comment and your wp-thread-comment error will be fixed nicely.

//Do quick database backup and theme backup first. Here is a video how to backup database in 2 minutes.

Video Tutorial:

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