Can’t Upload Video to YouTube Suddenly

I have never thought YouTube has a glitch or small issue that was quite annoying.

Believe me or not, I can’t upload video to YouTube today again, after trying a few days since I posted a blog post, make your theme iphone friendly.

If you notice, I mostly embed video in my wordpress posts, but this one hasn’t.

This is because I can’t upload the video to YouTube all of sudden, and didn’t know what to do.

I have posted a lot of videos, almost 80 videos to YouTube, and have never encountered this problem before.

Once I hit “Upload” button, it worked just great.

And in the last days, I am trying to upload the video everyday, and see if it works, it failed.

After clicking “Upload” button, nothing happened, even I refresh my page, and the buttom seemed not responding.

Until yesterday, I finally succeed to upload my video in my channel, but using other method, because this glitch was still there.

If this happens to you (I hope not, at least it’s ok again at the moment), just upload your videos, and go directly to your video video manager, and check if you see “video processing” notification. (see screenshot)

cant upload video to youtube

Account - Video Manager

If you do, don’t log out from your account, until the video is processed.

cant upload video to youtube

Wait until "Processing" is done

Once it’s done, your video will be successfully uploaded, but with a very strange way.

Oh well, at least, it’s uploaded :-)

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