Category featured image -thumbnails in WordPress category page

How to show category featured image, Twenty Ten thumbnails in category page.

Since i have made a video tutorial about wordpress 3 set featured image, i have been receiving many emails and questions about if it is possible to display category featured image in wordpress category page, in this case, i am using Twenty Ten theme.

If you use other themes, it should be different story, because every themes has different codes.

I advice that you should ask to theme’s creators or support forums if you want to display the post thumbnails to your category page (non-Twenty Ten theme users).

Displaying category featured image code.

The main code that we have to add, in order to display thumbnails in Twenty Ten’s theme is very simple actually.

I have done some Google researches, and most people give the complicated advanced PHP code, if you are non-techie like myself.

The code of category featured image that we will use:

<?php the_post_thumbnail();?>

As you can see, it is not a different code than putting thumbnails in your home or index page. It uses this code, but we will place it in different place.

Category featured image -how to show thumbnails in category page (Twenty Ten) Video and Steps:

End result image:

wordpress featured image category

The end result of this tutorial.

Video Tutorial:


1. See my wordpress 3.0 set featured image first, before you follow this, at least the css code, because it is very important to specify the image width and height.

2. In your dashboard, find Appearance → Editor button.

3. Search for loop.php

4. Look where we added:<?php the_post_thumbnail();?> in loop.php

5. In my wordpress 3.0 set featured image post, we have actually added the code inside the “entry-content” div.

Above this “entry-content” div, there is “entry-summary” div.

Paste the code there.

See image below after we have pasted the code, there are two lines of the same code in our loop.php by now.

category featured image

Two same line of codes in loop.php.

6. Click the update button after you added the code.

7. The post thumbnails should also be displayed in Twenty Ten category’s page by now.

That’s how i display category featured image.

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