Change your default Avatar with your own picture

How to display your own picture or any images to replace mystery man and very useful if you comment in other blogs as your image will shows up while you’re commenting.

I was thinking if i can change the grey default avatar which is called Mystery man to something else.

In my case, I want to change it to my own Picture. I finally found out how.

Please keep in mind, that once you get an avatar with your email address, it will apply everywhere you post comments using the same email address that you used to sign up in

Default and custom Avatar.

This tutorial i made with wordpress 2.9.2, however it will work with wordpress 3+ (now wordpress 3.0.1).

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    • Kimi says

      Until now, none Jauhari :( but Thanks for this, if you dont tell me i wouldn’t know. So I will try to post some without videos. I remember how slow and expensive the connection in Indonesia a few years back. Greetings thanks for commenting, you are my first commentator, how i happy i am lol!

      • says

        Thanks you for your quick reply, it’s look like your themes not yet Threaded Comment Optimized, we need to reload the page to add reply. :)

        • says

          You need to edit header.php to make reply comment running smoothly without reload the page ;)

          Check it some of my themes, has been support this featured, may I know where you come from? it’s look like you are familiar with Indonesia :)

  1. says

    Nice blog I am sure you will make it :P Do you only present videos here?
    Btw. where do you live in Germany? I am from Germany too, from Freiburg if you know where it is ;)

    • says

      Hey Julius, Thanks that you left a comment, encourage me, and coming by :) No, I don’t only present videos, there are some tips which I wrote, but those are simple and short one:) I live in Baden Wuerttemberg, sure I kow Freiburg, one of our family lives in Schwarzwald, we go there sometimes:) keep in touch, greetings from the south.

  2. Joe - Best Security Software says

    Great work Kimi! I didn’t know you could do that from within WordPress. I thought you had to do everything from

    • says

      Hey Joe,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I watched the video again just now, and i was so slow in video :D but i am so glad it was a help :) i will try to be better, greetings from Germany.

  3. says

    Thank you for this particular useful post! Furthermore, i have got a weblog and i’m thinking, where can i download these kinds of fantastic theme like your own?

    • says

      Hey Scenografia, Thanks that it was useful for you, unfortunately i created this theme and it’s not yet downladable :( But don’t worry, there are bunch of nice themes out there, Greetings!

  4. says

    This is brilliant! I was trying to change the image
    from “mystery man” for a few days. I was thrilled to see
    this video last night and it worked perfectly!
    YAY!!!! Thank you for the instructional video!

  5. Amit says

    Hi Kimi,
    Thanks for this great video…it works. I was banging head for long time to change the image and what i found is 10000 plugins which let my user’s to change their image not mine.
    but ur idea worked for me.
    Thanks once again

  6. says

    Hey Amit :D I’m so happy that it helps you! I understand about banging your head, you can do that in a music concert :D

  7. C00per says

    Hi what’s the nightmare on this CMS, there is no way to change users avatar in wordpress without signing up on another website ???!!!!

  8. C00per says

    Hey Kimi, nice to meet you ;-)

    I’m not shocked but let say deeply disturbed :-)

    How this can be possible, I’m using Joomla since 10 years and feel the need to change with a lightest and user friendly CMS. Found WordPress since several months but never plays too much with user profiles etc… So they implemented the “avatar” option on their solution and they didn’t took the time to give users a standalone way to manage their avatar !? Do you really think it’s something we will have in the nex release? I don’t think so…but really wish for it…

    • says

      @C00per, Nice to meet you too :)

      I have tried using Joomla, but i prefer wordpress and i love it.

      Of course it is not perfect but i just love it! :)

  9. Frosty Fox says

    Thanks for the help it’s much appreciated.
    Your step by step guide is invaluable to people like
    me blundering across the internet. lol.

    • says

      Hey Frosty Fox,

      You’re most welcome! Glad it could help even after you blundering accross the Internet lol


  10. dimitri says

    thanks for the simple and clear tutorial – you’ve helped me Kimi :)
    greets from Nice, France