Change font in wordpress? | How to change font color of my blog?

Change font in wordpress – Color, Size, Font family

Every blogs on the World Wide Web have very different appearance from one to another.

Of course, except, they copied each other, or they are owned by one person, which is for example me, I use Thesis theme in my several blogs.

Though I also modify some of the layout appearance, but I guess most people will notice that website is mine by looking at the layout, including the font color, size, or font family because I did change font in wordpress blogs that I own.

For me, if I change font in wordpress websites is the easiest thing you can do in a programming language. In this case, you do not need to know a lot of CSS coding language, I guess I only know about 3% of the whole CSS coding.

I honestly never learnt this thing seriously, I just learn by doing, and experiencing myself. Once we have enough practices, it is the better on the learning phase.

For example like nowadays, I don’t really have time for Internet, since summer is in the corner, so my coding language is less than when I edit my sites frequently as I used to..

This is because I am basically non-savvy, and I do not have basic “official” knowledge on those programming.

Change font in wordpress – At least these coding you should have the basic

Generally, if you want to change font in wordpress blogs that you have, it means, you would need to edit wordpress css file of the theme that you are now using.

For example, I use Thesis theme, which is a premium theme and I chose it as the best seo theme, when I want to have a different color of the link, or the font size, or even family from Arial to Verdana, for instance, you will not need to edit the file yourself, because Thesis theme has a built-in options where users can easily choose in an option, I guess something which costs money is made to be easier and better.

change font in wordpress

Thesis theme "Design Options" to change font color.

So when I created a tutorial about how to have a different color style in my theme, it won’t work for you, unless you are also using Thesis theme.

What does it mean then? It means, from a theme to another, the process is completely different. And because of this, you should know the basic blogger language, at least CSS coding.

change font in wordpress

Changing color in Thesis theme without editing codes.

So, how to change font in wordpress blog that I own?

The answer will be simple, learn CSS coding language from the basic, believe me, I never learnt it, but the most important is you are willing to try.

Once you understand, and have enough practice you can easily modify your layout very easily.

Although you can learn every where in the Internet, YouTube or anywhere, but I have also created some video tutorials where I changed a font color to another by using WordPress 3.1 default theme, Twenty Ten.

In this change link color wordpress video I demonstrated how I change font in wordpress example blog.

One thing to note, do not learn any coding language in your “live” blog, but install wordpress offline to learn how to change font in wordpress websites you have.

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