Change “Home” page in your wordpress site to your own created page

Have you noticed that  when you type your URL in the web browser,  your front page would be your posts by default? In other words, you want to change wordpress home page as a static one. Mostly because you don’t want your site appears as a blog.

In the video, we will change the settings from default settings to choosing static page in Admin page. However if it won’t help, you might want to change the order of the page ID in your navigation code.

See this video on how to do this.
Backing up or copying your file is a wise idea before we change anything!

Using wordpress 3.0 Twenty Ten theme? if yes, you may want to check this video, it’s a lot easier to do this with Twenty Ten.

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  1. Sachindra says

    Here you have added Home as a page and changed the settings in admin. This is quite okay. but then whats the need of a posts page that you have added further??? This remains my doubt.

  2. Sachindra says

    okay thanks for this Dina.. lemme try this myself .. I will surely let u know if u get this done.. being a beginner , i guess it takes a bit more time.. thanks again…

    • says

      Sure Sachindra :) Take your time, I am a beginner like you too, so i understand. If you have problems, let me know, i will help if i can. Greetings

  3. gatos says

    I have since a couple of days my new site and I want to make some
    menu buttons and also I want to post the themes there, to be linked
    with these buttons seperate without to be published
    also in the front page. Is any way for this?
    Is it possible?

    • says

      Hey gatos,
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.
      I don’t really understand what you meant, but please watch this video first, and we will see if it helps :)

  4. gatos says

    Sorry, nothing comes to see on this video.
    I mean, I do not want my posts to be posted only in one site, one
    after the other, I want to have them in different sites- subsites
    I have created in my blog.
    And I mean also that the front page stays the same post
    with something like greetings to the visitors.

    • says

      I think i get what you meant, I guess you will have to edit the index.php file gatos ;) but I am also beginner as well lol. I haven’t tried, but you gave me an idea :D