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How to change text link color in Twenty Ten wordpress 3.0.1 theme.

One of my visitors asked how to change the colors of the link text and visited link text color.

It does depend on, do you want to change the whole link color of the whole theme or the content link color only.

However if you want to change the entire link color of Twenty Ten theme, it is not difficult.


1. Open your style.css file and find line 313 which says;

a:visited {
color: #743399;
a:hover {
color: #ff4b33;

Link, Hover, Visited Color.

2. Modify color above to any colors you like.

If you are satisfied with the result, then you can stop right here, but if you want to change “only” the link color on the content, then we have to specify the div and the class.

3. To change the content link color, add this line of codes in the very bottom of your style.css file:

/*color link of the content*/
.entry-content a{color:#1BC100}

Play with the color, and update file. Refresh your post.

Result image:

(1.) The link on the content will have green color (as we wanted).

(2.) But the “Continue reading” color is also green, probably you don’t want this.

(3.) Sidebar color will stay blue (default).

4. If you want to bring back the continue reading text color back to the previous color, add this code right under the code we added above (step 3).

p a.more-link{color:#0066CC;}

Result: (we have changed only the content link color, the rest will stay)

I hope this can help you modifying your link text color, play around with the color and get what you need. :)

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