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When we want to change the page orders in wordpress, at first it happened two “home” tabs showed up.

After we change “order” level in Pages settings, it’s still not working. There is a helpful codex, which is wp_list_pages. There are many ways to change the order in which page tabs are displayed in your wordpress blog or website.

Tips: You might want to see my other video which changing page order can be easily done by changing number under “order” in Admin/Pages click, “quick edit”. These numbers defines the order of the page list.

If this tip doesn’t works for you, then we will modify some codes in header.php.

In this video tutorial, You will discover:

1. Cool plugin: My page order plugin
2. Find out what and where you can find page ID in WordPress.
This is the code:
<?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&include=35,2,37,39');?>
35, 2, 37, 39 are the pages IDs, obviously you want to replace this numbers with your page IDs.

I happened to include all pages ID i want in my site by editing header.php and it worked. I recommmend that you back up your file before making any changing. I hope it will be a tiny help for my beginner blogger friends.

//Updates: wordpress 3.0 Twenty Ten users, i have made another video how to change page settings.

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