Check who logged into Gmail

Check who logged into Gmail – One of Gmail feature

I have used many of free webmail providers, and they were all nice and helpful.

My first email was with yahoo, about 12-15 years ago. (related: yahoo mail has been hacked).

I cannot remember why I stopped using it, however, I have also used hotmail and other services, and the latest, I’m currently using Google mail (Gmail).

There are a few things that I really like about Gmail;
1. It is really easy to use
2. So many features
3. Less spams and distractions
4. Cleaner user interface

We Can Actually Check who logged into Gmail

Although I am sure there are many email services out there the four reasons above made me sticking to Gmail until today.

There are also a few points I should mention, which is using free email services should not be related for important use, because of hacking thing.

I have heard many people did claim their Gmail account was hacked.

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone with any email account.

What always recommended is to change your password regularly, apart of having a not-easy-to-guess password.

You don’t have to change your password daily, but at least monthly or once in two months.

It’s actually not too much different than basic steps of securing our wordpress blog.

How to check who logged into Gmail

One of the many features that Gmail account has is ability to check who logged into Gmail account.

Many months ago, I didn’t know this feature, however if you are looking at your bottom right of Gmail page (see screenshot below) there is actually handy little link called or labeled, “Last account activity: details”.

check who logged into gmail

Bottom Right Corner of Gmail

Once this short link “Details” is clicked, you will see this little pop up history showing you many IP address from the people who logged into Gmail account.
Here is my view in my account once I logged into mail and clicked that link.

check who logged into my gmail

Lists of people who ever signed into your Gmail

It is one of my favorite feature of Google mail, to check who logged into Gmail.

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