Clickbank Review | My First Check From ClickBank

Clickbank Review — Alternative to AdSense

Since months I have waited for my first check from Clickbank, yesterday I finally received it, so I want to share my feeling on this clickbank review post.

If you don’t know what Clickbank is, it is actually affiliate network other than ShareAsale (related post: Shareasale review). But Clickbank has more range of products to sell, but also more “strange” rules to follow.

I am not going to compare Shareasale and CB (Clickbank) on this post though, because unlike with shareasale, I use CB not long time ago, probably 4 months ago.

One thing to note, I only promote things I personally use and know in my blog posts, so I actually promote a few products, that actually I could promote more.

I plan to promote more products from Clickbank but not in this blog.

Clickbank Review — It needs a while until I can receive my check

One thing I have to write on this clickbank review, it is so confusing about their network methods until you get your first payment.

If you are new to this affiliate network, you might have the same problem, the clickbank CDR, I will create another post about it.

But basically, I have to wait until a few people bought the products I have promoted it with their own different credit card numbers.

My problem was, the most transactions I made was made via paypal payment, and paypal payments are not counted in the CDR options thing.

Though the paypal payment comission is of course added to your account, but it was pretty much useless in order to receive your first check.

Clickbank Review — The check is nice packed!

Actually one week before they actually send my first check, I was notified in my account dashboard around one week earlier.

In the check itself, I have read it was send on March 2nd, 2011, but it was already notified in my affiliate page about Feburary 28th.

It has a nice light green background to tell me, that they sent my check.

clickbank review
My first clickbank check

If you also an affiliate from any affiliate networks, the first sale and first check always gives happy feeling.

Though the amount is not much, but the nice feeling matters. When I received my first check, I was also very happy, and I was thinking “Okay, Clickbank pays!”

With this clickbank review, thought and proof, it encourages me more to promote their products. I have heard people can actually make thousands a month.

Indeed, making money online is really possible, but like anything else, it needs work and patience.

Though my plan is looking for offline half day job when my youngest daughter goes to Kindergarten, but if I can earn money monthly in a very decent way and amount, I might want to keep blogging and earn money from it.

If you are new to Clickbank, and not making any sales yet, do not worry, keep on trying one day, you will make your own sales.

For some people who use premium plugins or themes, this is really one trick for you, promote those products to your readers, but remember promote the worth products, once you are able to sell them, the money you invest to give a review or proof, will come back double, triple, or much more..

I hope this Clickbank review and proof encourages my blogger friends to believe that some affiliate network do really pay, and they can be AdSense alternative, though AdSense is still the best money making method for your blog!

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    • says

      Thanks Kharim!

      It took me months to get my first sale :-(

      I remember I was so happy when I saw a transaction in my CB account. Though the CDR thingy was confusing.

      I am sure you will make a sale anytime soon!


  1. says

    I haven’t been online much, so I can’t get to effectivly participate in affiliate marketing. Well hopefully soon :)

  2. Ceejay says

    You know i just created a new blog and a new clickbank account, i will love it if you tell us how you promote your links. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Ceejay,

      I don’t do special things on promoting my links, only Google traffics.

      If you have a new blog, it might need more patience since the traffic is also lower than older blogs.

      Though there so many ways to promote your links besides traffics, such as PPC, or others, but I haven’t tried those since I need to spend money for that.

      Good luck, I know you will make it!


  3. Taylor Drew says

    I have been researching ways to make a few bucks online. Recently signed up for Clickbank on the 10th of April and I found a program to help me make sales easy. I made 2 sales the day I started it, they show you step by step on how to make these sales and promote it! I was amazed I saw in clickbank that I made $106 on just my first day alone! I truly recommend this program who has been struggling to make money with clickbank.