Coby MID7022 Review |MID7022-4G Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet

Coby MID7022 Review -Coby Kyros MID7022-4G

I got this Coby MID7022 tablet a week ago and I have to say, for that price (I got mine at $111.99) I am completely satisfied with this tablet.

For an affordable capacitive touchscreen tablet got me really excited, that’s why I immeditaly purchased one.

Let me start with the bad. My biggest issue with this Coby MID7022-4G is the user manual.

There are a lot of guides to use the tablet, but the manual is really poor, so it’s really limited to me to take a look at the whole features.

Coby MID7022 features and specs

The good features;
Performance; this tablet has amazing performance for a 1Ghz processor and 512mb of RAM device, it turns on in 15 seconds, very quick.

coby mid7022

Coby Kyros MID7022-4G

Android system; Although it doesn’t come with the most recent honeycomb operating system (Coby MID7022-4G uses Android 2.3) this tablet is still very easy to customize and personalize it as you want.

Screen: this is the biggest improvement compared to the older version, MID7015, MID7024, MID8024, it has capacitive touchscreen. Also not different than those older Coby kyros tablets, this can’t be charged with the USB host (it’s only for transferring files).

The screen is now more intuitive and smoother, which is more helpful when you use it for reading apps. (I have tested it with my nook reader app, you can use the included Aldiko ebook reader app easily or download a nook and even a pdf reader app for it).

HDMI connectivity: this is a really nice feature, you can use it to watch movies on your TV. Furthermore, you can also play games on TV! You can take advantage of the motion detection so you will not need to focus on your screen.

Built-in Camera: The built-in Front-Facing camera is definitely not a high definition camera, but it does its job very well. I have captured pictures as well as video then I uploaded them to my Facebook.

Speakers: Surprisingly very nice and produce pretty darn good sound.

Browsing experience: it runs very well with the superb browser apps you can download. Apart of supporting flash video, I was able to watch videos online in YouTube. I was also impressed with the internet speed, it wasn’t slow at all, and I had no freezing problems while accessing internet.

Apps: this Coby MID7022-4G includes appslib market place, but not the Android market. (you have to root it first which I don’t recommend if you don’t know how). Additionally, you can also add Amazon appstore easily.

Battery life: the battery life is not bad, still much better than my laptop. Depending on how I use, with heavy demanding use I got 5-6 hours. It charges very fast, thankfully.

coby mid7022

Coby MID7022 Review – Summary

Overall for the price, it is definitely a great unit. Of course you can’t compare it with Apple iPad2 or Xoom, but it costs you only 1/4 those expensive tablet’s price.

It doesn’t feel cheap and it has capacitive touchscreen.

I am just amazed that I can get a capacitive powerful tablet at this price point. Coby MID7022 is absolutely a deal.

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