Coby MID7024 Review |Coby KYROS MID7024-4G 7-Inch Touchscreen Tablet Computer

Coby MID7024 4G 7-Inch Touchscreen Tablet Computer

I have looked at tablets under $200, and Coby MID7024 is one of a very few devices with 4G inbuilt storage.

A few tablets are with better hardware options, but they cost much more than this tablet.

Things you should know before you purchase this tablet,is the resistive screen that is not as smooth as Motorola Xoom, iPhone or iPad‘s capacitive screen.

coby mid7024

Coby 7024

That’s the noticable negative part of this tablet, but we also have to see the tons of features this tablet offers at very low price tag.

If you will feel comfortable carrying a tablet that is not the high dollar ones, then Coby MID7024 is one of alternatives you should consider.

For those who wish or want an iPad or Motorola Xoom, and expect that this Coby MID7024 can be their alternatives, then you already have a false hope. We can’t expect this tablet to perform like those expensive tablets.

Especially the screen technology which I already mentioned above, it is a resistive and not capacitive. What it means, you will have a less reponsive touchscreen with this tab.

With a capacitive screen, you can just swipe your finger lightly and the device will give you a quicker and better response. However, you can try a stylus for a resistive screen.

The browsing speed is actually depending on your wireless connection speed. This Coby MID7024 tablet will show a decent response time when you open a website.

Coby MID7024 Tablet Computer Price, and Specs

Price: $149,99.


  1. 1Ghz High-speed Processor
  2. 512MB RAM
  3. Operating System: Android 2.2
  4. 7.0-inch LCD Screen
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. Other features: HDMI output, intregating front facing camera, built-in microphone
  7. Size: 10 x 7.3 x 2.3 inches
  8. It weighs 2.84 pounds

I have to say, Coby MID7024 is the best tablet you can get for under $200, for that price tag, it offers really a lot of features and functionality that will satisfy you.

Of course, you should not compare this tablet with iPad or Xoom, but for the fourth of its price, I’m more happy to play YouTube HD videos, checking emails, internet, MP3 files, HULU, PDF, e-books, powerpoint, ms office with this tablet than paying an iPad’s price.

One thing I suggest, once you get this tablet, apply the available firmware update.

Coby MID7024 Review Summary


  1. Resistive screen technology
  2. Limited apps in their apps library
  3. Tiny speaker, weak sound

Good: You won’t find any cheaper 4G tablet for this price and all its functionality.

coby mid7024


If you have patience, save your money to get a more expensive tablet but higher quality.

But if you have a little patience and looks for a tablet that offers tons of media entertainment features and internet device while you are on the go, that has reasonable price under $150, then Coby MID7024-4G is a fantastic tablet for its costs and what it all does!

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