Coby MID8024 Review

Coby MID8024 Review – Overview

Firstly, my previous tablet is the older model of Coby Kyros, which is Coby MID7015, and I was a happy owner eventhough with some limitations and flaws.

I purchased Coby MID8024  because I hoped this product will be a better version. Well, this Coby MID8024 is a completely different device.

When this device arrived, I was really blown away by its functionality and quality. In comparison to another tablets which have similar specs, this device is more in quality of other tablets in above $300 price range. (sold at $129.99 here!)

coby mid8024

The Coby KYROS MID8024-4G.

The Coby MID8024 (Coby KYROS MID8024-4G 8-Inch Touchscreen Tablet Computer) is totally different and entirely improved comparing to the previous version, including bigger usable display, the touchscreen controls, built-in Front-Facing camera and its speakers.

Coby MID8024 has so much better quality build and improving features.

Still running on Android Operating System (Android 2.2 Froyo) this tablet performs quick and fast without any apparent glitch.

The built-in Front-Facing camera, stereo speakers, fast performance make this tablet very useful for me. The 8-inch bright and clear screen is a perfect size to view web pages comfortably, playing games like Angry Birds, writing and reading emails as well as viewing videos, including YouTube (you will need to download the latest Adobe Flash).

The Coby MID8024 still has responsive and sensitive resistive screen, and because I own an Android phone that has capacitive screen, I needed a while to get used to “completely different” way of touching this tablet’s resistive screen.

I also need to mention, this Coby MID8024 comes with a stylus, and a black sleeve, that has an ellegant appearance, but has a it does not protect your screen good enough, it is more like a soft cleaning cloth to me. I definitely recommend a better cover. Fortunately, I still have a left over cover from my Nook, and if fits perfectly!

Another small let down is the Coby MID8024-4G comes with pre-installed AppsLib, which has less choices of apps than Google Android market.

But I could easily download any apps that are available on Amazon App marketplace in a few minutes without rooting the device. To access Amazon App marketplace, you can use your Coby KYROS MID8024-4G and navigate to Amazon App Store page. You will then see a link, and by clicking that link, enter your email address, and Amazon will send you a dowload apps link via email. And by using your tablet, you can open the link, follow the intructions to install the app. Good thing, nearly all apps that available on Google Android marketplace, you can access on Amazon app store too!

I don’t plan to root this Coby MID8024 because there is really nothing really obtained by rooting, especially, rooting can cause trial and some errors. Especially if you can get more apps easily from Amazon app store.

To convert this device as an e book reader, you can install any apps of your choice, as I chose Kindle app to me.

This Coby MID8024 also offers day or night reading options. You can adjust easily the level of its brightness to help your eyes while reading. However for sunlight reading, I still took my nook for a better outdoor reading.

You can also work, reading or editing your documents, for instance, PDF documents, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all of them work without any glitches or speed reduction issues that other low budget tablets usually have.

Coby MID8024 Review – Coby MID8024-4G Specs


  1. Color: Silver
  2. Storage Capacity: 4GB
  3. Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  4. Processor: 1GHz High Speed Processor
  5. Display: 8.0-inch LCD screen
  6. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Connectivity
  7. Memory is expanded if prefer with Micro-SDHC card
  8. Built-in Front-Facing camera
  9. Built-in microphone
  10. Other features: Internet, YouTube, emails, wireless, games, music files, pictures, Stylus, USB cable, USB host (keyboard adapater)

coby mid8024

Coby MID8024 Review – Coby KYROS MID8024-4G Summary

In summary, it is an awesome tablet, especially for the money under $200, you can’t beat its price.

Clear screen, awesome battery life, great functionality, I would get Coby MID8024 ASAP, as I would not need an iPad!

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