Com Domain For a Blog or Website

Com Domain is the best domain extension

When I was started a website, I did not know anything about domain extension.

I even did not sign up with a webhosting myself, but my hubby did it for me.

So when, he asked me, what kind of a domain name I wanted to have, I said, “Up to you, as long as it is a short one”.

So he did look around for me, and I did too, I came to web6.

Sadly was taken, so are other domain extensions, they were all taken, and the was the one that none took.

At first, I thought a domain name which can be easily remembered by people.

com domain

I did not think about Search Engine Optimization, because I simply did not know how useful it is, if you want people visiting your website, either to start a blog for pleasure or for make money. (Related: Start a blog, SEO Tips 2011, Sites likes adsense).

I am sure if you know about basic SEO or internet marketing, having a keyword or keyword phrase in your domain is a big advantage.

I personally agree with this, because honestly, I do have a blog which has the exact keyword phrase in it, and it is now in the first page of Google, and it is not even 5 months old.

That .com domain which has keyword website even ranks higher than this blog, which has an .org domain, PR4, and about one year old in age.

Why .com domain is better?

.com domain is the first domain extension you should get if you want to start a blog or build a website.

I am writing this, because I have this main blog as .org website which ranks lower than a .com domain website, as I wrote in the above paragraph.

Having many young websites (related: Have multiblogs in a webserver, reserve a domain name without hosting) with all .com extension which are under one year old, and a year old .org website, I can make a comparison and conclusion that .com domain names can rank easier and faster than any other domain extensions.

Also, if you also have several blogs or websites, before you purchase the domain names, you would notice, and I am sure, that nearly all .com domain names are taken. (related: Good blog titles or names).

This is simply because people who at least know about Basic SEO like me and you, also think the same. .com domain names are the best from all.

If .com domain names are not available?

Google and other search engines rank .com domain websites easily. I have a blog that has .com domain, I even did not submit this blog to Yahoo, and it is already indexed in Yahoo, a few days after I created a sitemap xml.

And this blog, that has more than one year old age, have PR4 (Related: Google PR update 2011) are not indexed much by Yahoo.

I don’t receive many visitors from Yahoo search engine either. Most of my visitors are Google traffic.

So from this experience, .com domain is loved by Search Engines, but you can still rank other extensions.

If it is not available for you to get, and you insist to have the specific names, then .net and then .org are the best.

There are another extension, such as .info or .co, but it is difficult to rank them, in my experience.

The reason is that, .co and .info domains, are usually used by spammers to promote their products, so they think with a .co domain people would believe it is a real reliable company websites, although I know, there are really respectable .co websites. (I have worked with one!)

The .info websites are also known, to be the cheapest , so people who want to spam, usually purchase them, and do redirect. I have heard, that Google knows about it (well they know all!), therefore ranking an .info is also difficult.

If you want to start a blog, and you want your new blog ranks easily, try to get a .com domain name.

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