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Comment reply wordpress – Nested or Threaded comment make a better discussion

One day a few months ago, I received an email from one of my visitors, ask how to display comment reply wordpress button in my discussion template.

That day, I still used Neoclassical theme, which is by default, it does not support threaded comment or nested comment template.

So whenever people comment in my blog, they can’t reply each other, they can only reply, but displayed as the next comment. (related: Reply Me plugin, Discussion Settings, changing leave a reply)

Sure enough, nested comments or threaded is much better for discussion or conversation in my blog.

If you have comment reply wordpress button, people can click the “reply” button and then replying another comment and it will then displayed under the associated comment, and not displayed as the newest comment.

Somehow it does make more organized commment template.

Comment reply wordpress – Not every template supports Threaded comment

As written in above pharagraph, if you use Neoclassical theme, as I did, it would not support this nested comment. Some free themes have this feature, some don’t.

This is also a reason why I use Thesis theme, because I don’t have to worry about this simple thing, apart of being Best WordPress SEO Theme, Thesis has nested comment template that display “comment reply wordpress” button, that is really clean and very easy to customize.

Though there is a solution, if your theme does not support this by using a plugin called, wp threaded comment plugin (Related post for wp threaded comment: Can’t find the commentformid div error plugin bug).

I used this plugin to show comment reply wordpress too, and it was really cool, until I realize that just for this comment reply wordpress button, I did not want to use any plugins. Yes, using many plugins slowing down your site or admin page, because the browser is forced to render plugin scripts too.

So I did remove the plugin and then I modify neoclassical comment template to display nested comment. I succeeded, but apart of the cleaness, the SEO optimized aspect of Thesis theme impressed me.

How to display comment reply wordpress step by step tutorial

So the setting for displaying comment reply wordpress nested discussion is actually in the “Settings” and then “Discussion”. (related: Discussion Settings WordPress explained).

After you click “Discussion” link under “Settings” tab inside your dashboard (you have to be an Administrator to do this) you should be in “Discussion Settings” page.

See this following image, for clearer explanation:

comment reply wordpress

As you can see in the image, apart of having so many options you can modify in this page, if you want to have a reply button, you would have to tick on the “Enable threaded (nested) comments … level deep” option.

The dots represents the depth of the nested commment you want to have. By default it is 4, of course in the pull down menu, you can choose any number you like.

After you make the modification (I explained in detail in this discussion settings video), don’t forget to click “Save Changes”.

Now to test it, comment in one of your post, and then reply it to see if it works.

If after ticking that option above does not show your “Reply” button, then it is your theme. I recommend Thesis theme that is supporting this comment reply wordpress link without being confused or using additional plugin.

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