Commission junction api id [How to get cj api id tutorial]

Commission junction api id and wp robot

If you have wp-robot, wordpress autoblog plugin (if you consider to buy, you can use this code GETWPROBOT to get cheaper price) you will have CJ module.

And to use it, you will need to get Commission junction api id. Once you get this, you will be able to pull content from CJ advertiser and put it on your blog, complete with the affiliate link.

Of course, it will give so much benefit for you as a blog owner, if you can sell their vendor products using this commission junction api id in the best autoblog plugin, wp-robot.

I am also using CJ, but mostly in my autoblogs. I haven’t earn much with them, because i don’t promote it well, but i can tell and review shortly, they are really really good affiliate networks, and the payment arrives so fast.

Almost as fast as AdSense. However i don’t want to review any networks that you can make money online with today, but i will definitely will, since i am collecting many datas now to review them one by one, and amazon is my last experimental object at the moment.

How to get this Commission junction api id tutorial

Because i am already having this commission junction api id, so i can’t get into detail, but to get the key, it is very very easy and self-explanatory.

Anyway, here are the steps:

1. Go to this link: to register if you haven’t the CJ account yet, but if you have already, click the “Get Started Register for a Key” button.

2. After you click that button, it will show you a login form, type in your Comission Junction account username, as well as the password.

commission junction api id

Here, you can type in your Login data.

3. When you are ready with login datas, click “Submit button”.

4. Follow the clear instruction and copy your commission junction api id into an HTML editor, or just notepad before you apply it to wp robot setting, which i will talk later on..

Once you get commission junction api id

In the above paragraph, i showed you how you can get this api id, and the steps are extremely not difficult. Once you get it, you can then, apply it to your wp-robot plugin settings, or any other settings.

I personally haven’t ever found something that needs commission junction api id other than wp-robot, but perhaps you need it for something else, then you can use it by now.

However this is the settings of autoblog plugin that i have talked about. See following image:

commission junction api id

CJ option in Wp-Robot

This setting as shown in the screenshot, you can find in “wp-robot” then “Options”. When you click on that Options link, you will find that setting.

Type in there, and if you need wp-robot website ID (PID), it will be in your account then, your website settings.

Under the “Name” of your website, you will see your PID number, here is the screenshot of mine.

commission junction api id

website ID or PID

I hope this small tutorial how to get commission junction api id will help a little.

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